One Size does not fit all

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“My coaching is good – students come in a mass
Most Topics are explained well- but not in every class
I need doubt clearing but teacher has no time at all
Wonder who can help me regularly – whom I can call”

– Coaching Student in Class XI

This is a common fear of many students.
Coaching teacher has many students in a class and cannot give personal attentions to all students having different IQ level.


Revising the entire chapter (known and forgotten areas) is not best use of time.
CLEaRS system diagnoses the weak areas. When a student knows his /her the unknown or forgotten areas then he /she can get the doubt clearing from the teachers or from CLEaRS. 

Continuous Verification

Forgetting and forming knowledge gaps is a human nature. Human teacher cannot identify all those weak areas which are forming continuously, everyday. CLEaRS system can identify those hidden weak areas when student uses CLEaRS regularly.

Easy Learning

Just a click gives the answer; answers are linked with the Questions.
Student gets know where are the weak areas then click a button to get the answers instantly; no need to search the answers from the book or the class-notes. It is so easy.

Three ways Doubt Clearing

1st option with a Hint: Many times HINTS help the student think and find the answer which may have forgotten.
2nd stage with Science Principle (Law, Equation or theorem): Questions are based on Principle; student will be able to answer if he/she knows the Principle. Thus the student will be able to revise the foundation building Science Principle
3rd. stage with Tutorials: Here student gets the entire tutorials which may have diagram, animations, examples and case studies.

Covers XI & XII before the HS

HS exams cover only class XII syllabus only.
Joint Entrances cover both XI and XII syllabi. CLEaRS covers all Topics of both XI and XII which is absolutely needed for preparing JEE. 

Student needs CLEaRS system along with Coaching Classes to complete the coaching.

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