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Customer's Reviews
Abhradeep Sarkar Sir Aurobindo Institute of Education

CLEaRS helped me in ranking high in KVPY exam. The Concept mode of CLEaRS helped my preparation.

Abhijit Pal Rahara Ramkrishna Mission

আমার খুবই ভালো লেগেছে কারন সবাই বলে Aakash / Fitjee তে নাকি ভর্তি না হলে রেজাল্ট খুব একটা ভালো হয় না কিন্তু সেখানে তো সবাই যায় না, তাই আমার মনে হয়ছে ওখানে না গিয়ে Clears – এর মতো এরকম একটা online সংস্থা হলে ভালই হবে।

Abhishek Rana Nandigram BMT Sikhaniketan

Educlears is very helpful. I think it will help me. It is far better than Best NEET Coaching classes in Kolkata.

Agniv Chatterjee St. Joseph College

It was a very interesting experience for me. Also it helped me to effectively study my courses. Also it helped me to effectively study my courses as good as Best JEE Coaching Classes in Kolkata.

Amrita Chatterjee Vivekananda Mission

It is very interesting and useful. Each small doubts was cleared which are not being able to be cleared at that instant. Very useful.

Ananya Chakraborty Techno India (Konnagar)

Very impressive and great platform for studies, A very nice scheme. Till now the best one.

Ankita Biswas Welland Gouldsmith

It was very nice to see such a software which is guiding me like a one-to-one teacher.

Antajul Islam Ballygunge Govt. High School

এই Educlears Software টি দেখে, জেনে আমার এক নতুন ধরনের অভিজ্ঞতা হল। পড়াশুনার ক্ষেত্রে এটি আমাকে অনেক পরিমানে সাহায্য করবে বলে আমার মনে হয়। আমি নিজের মত করে ব্বুঝতে পারবো যে আমি কতটা তৈরি পরীক্ষা দেওয়ার জন্য।

Anushka sarkar Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Very nice concept. Very scientific approach of studying.

Arkadyuti Ganguly National Gems

Better for preparing for the competitive examinations.

Arnab Mondal Vivekananda Mission School

Quite useful for qualitative approach towards competitive exams.

Arthita Dey Sudhir Memorial

Absolutely perfect for us (learners), we require this more than just tuition/classes, and this needed to be spread further.

Arya Chakraborty Jadavpur Vidyapith School

I really enjoy this system. It is very good. It is very helpful for a student to make a better future.

Avipsa Bakshi Future Foundation

It seems helpful and quite necessary for students who have difficulties with time management.

Ayan Halder Ballygunje Government High school

Nice thought out software and very useful and interesting.

Ayantika Das Shaw Public School

The system is interesting and helpful. I think it can help us improve our studying skills and build-up our confidence level.

Debanjan Bhattacharya Vivekananda Mission School

It is a good system with a lot of questions. It covers the board as well as the competitive exams. Therefore, a student can practise and test his level of preparation. It will be helpful for all those who will practise the questions regularly. It is an easier way to practise solving questions within a limited time.

Deepnil Biswas St Joseph School

The Educlears system of doubt clearing regarding various topics of the subjects is impressive. It is beneficial for every student for scoring goods in the board exams as well as in the entrance exams.

Diyatri Chowdhry Pathbhavan

I like this system very much. I can teach myself through this system. I think this is best system for me.

Eshita Chatterjee Birla Bharati School

The system is very helpful and authentic. The process seems to work and I hope that I am getting help from it.

Indranil Nayak Rahara RamKrishna Mission School

I feel that this system will have to get success. I feel very well this system.

Jit Saha Seventh Day Adventist Sr. Secondary

Very nice way of learning in an innovative way.

Kamolika Mukhopadhyay Shree Shikshayatan

I find CLEaRS system to be interactive & student friendly. An overview of the questions made me feel that they aware effective and good to prepare for medical. But if animative part of learning could be improved more than it will be more effective for student.

Nikita Maity Pathfinder H.S public School

I think this system will help each and every student who have lack of confidence.

Piyashi Santra St. Thomas for girls school

Very nice and helpful, clears doubt and builds concept can help to judge flaws in studying and can help to clarify it.

Pratiksha Naskar Carmel High School

This concept was very interesting this can help me in time management. It can really help me brush up my concepts in different subjects.

Rishaanko Pyne St. Joseph school

It is an interesting and systematic way of study.

Rupak Sarkar Sibpur Srimat Swami Projnanananda Saraswati Vidyalaya

I like this system. This system is effective.

Safika Khatoon Sakhawat Memorial

The concept of Educlears is very good, and it is helpful for me in my preparation for Board Exam.

Sankalpa Das Agrasain Boys School

Helpful, interesting and good.

Saptarshi Dey B. D. Memorial International

This system is very interesting and interactive way to learn and asses yourself.

Sayan Kr. Bera KalayannagarVidyapith

আমার বিশয়টি  খুব ভালো লেগেছে। আমি চেষ্টা করব Educlears – এর সাথে সাথে চলে ভালো Result করব।

Sayan Nandi Vivekananda Mission School

It is an interactive method of learning and is highly useful. Like using it.

Sayani Acharya B.D.M International

I have come to know about my problem areas and also will be able to clear our doubts at that very moment while using the system.

Shriyans Roy Vivekananda Mission

Educlears had shown me that how we can assess ourselves before sitting for all India entrance examination. It is very well organised and it will help the students a lot to clear their lags and make the concepts of all subjects very clear.

Sougata Roy Kendriya Vidyalaya – Santragachi

I feel very good about system of EduClears due to its instant report.

Soumalya Manna Sudhir Memorial

I am really impressed after using this system.

Soumyadip Ghosh Howrah Vivekananda Institution

It helps me in my studies. I improved my studies in this process.

Soumyajit Naskar Navanalada

It is very helpful to solve various types if questions based on JEE and clearing doubts. Overall this is very helpful to me.

Sristi Chakraborty Techno India Group Public School

A great way of learning process. Was amazed to use this. Thanks.

Subhamoy Das Kendriya Vidyalaya – Ichapur

It’s good. It’s a nice opportunity for me to improve my study. It has new way of learning.

Suditi Bera Kendriya Vidyalaya - Santragachi School

It is an interesting way to self study.

Suvankar Adhikary Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission

It’s very nice. Good for preparation for competitive exams.

Suvodeep Das Calcutta Boys School

It is good and helpful as it helps to asses every moment a chapter is completed which is very much necessary for effective and good study.

Tathagata Das K.V – Santragachi

It gives enough information about my education which is useful for my exam. All total it is very good.

Triparna Sengupta Pathfinder High School

A grate way to help students, Interactive, Conceptual based learning system which would help me to have a strong foundation on any subject which I shall deal with. Thank you for giving me a golden opportunity like this.

Udita Chakraborty Delhi Public School

The system is quite helpful. It covers many MCQs over a particular topic. It helped me in clarifying doubts on particular topic.