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EduClears Ai
NEET / JEE Personal Prep Coach

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Students choose EduClears Ai
to make the preparation easier.

The learning logic of Artificial Intelligence of Educlears Ai is the
wheels of the trolley that help to carry the learning loads as well
as help to prepare faster without sacrificing the quality of concept
clearing fundamental learning.

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Educlears Ai
works as a Catalyst to accelerate the NEET - JEE Preparations with its Artificial Intelligence

Coaching classes are good for regular learning
but not good enough for NEET or JEE preparation.

No Remedial Preparation can be done without Evaluations. The probing methods of Educlears Ai identifies the missing, not understood and forgotten areas of the student's required learning; proper identification helps to fill up the gaps faster by rapid revisions and clearing of Doubts and Concepts. The Artificial Intelligence helps students for rapid and complete preparation.

You don't fetch a mountain
if you had known the plant...

Similarly, you wouldn't revise a mountain of study
materials if you have known what to study to make up
for the preparations.

EduClears Ai
NEET / JEE Presonal Preparation Coach

The Artificial Intelligence is the designed to help the
students to identity their weakness first, then fetch the
proper tutorials to study and fulfill the learning gaps.

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Faster Preparation - Easier Ways

Based Teaching
Instant Doubt

How it Works?

Every student learns and retain differently

Remedial / make up teaching is meaningless without evalution of each student. Coaching class teaching is not for individual student.Our teaching system is for individual student and starts preparing with evalution tests before and after the lessons.

Adaptive logic teaches individually

Neither the good or the struggling students is not benefited with mediocre quality of coaching education. Our Ai logic gives bigger challenges to the good student while helping the struggling student giving easier content for building the confidence.

Doubts are solved instantly after the test

Diagnosis and prompt treatment go hand in hand We follow the same principle. We show the tutorials related with the doubts to clear them immediately.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) guides the student

Neither the good or the struggling student can be prepared well from one-size-fits type classroom coaching.

Artificial Intelligence of the software gives bigger challenges to the good students while helping student relatively easier lessons to build confidence.

Student and parent get daily academic growth report

The students, the parents and the teacher will remain connected to view and motivate the students.

Classroom Coaching vs Educlears Ai Personal Prep Coach

Classroom Coaching

a. Rehashing materials covered in the Syllabus b. Group Learning in a class c. No Individual attention d. No assessment of the learning e. Handful Homework Tests with few MCQ f. No Concept and Doubt Clearing after the test g. No daily progress report to show any progress h. Upfront total fee payment for the course i. No Guarantee for the progress

Educlears Ai Personal Prep Coach

a. Targeted Revision for the preparation b.Individual Preparation from home c. One-to-one personal learning with the software d. Assessments before and after each remedial learning session e. Hundreds of Test Series with thousands of MCQ f. Routine Doubt and Concept Clearing session after each test g. Daily Progress Report to document Significant Progress h. Payment for monthly / Semester use i. Guarantee for the Excellence

Unlock the
NEET / JEE Entrance doors with
Educlears Ai

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