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Remedial Preparation:

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Artificial Intelligence Technology:

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Adaptive logic:

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Iteration technology:

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Students do not do well under pressure:

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CBT (Computer Based Test) makes students more confident:

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Abhradeep Sarkar
Sir Aurobindo Institute of Education

CLEaRS helped me in ranking high in KVPY exam. The Concept mode of CLEaRS helped my preparation.

Abhijit Pal
Rahara Ramkrishna Mission

আমার খুবই ভালো লেগেছে কারন সবাই বলে Aakash / Fitjee তে নাকি ভর্তি না হলে রেজাল্ট খুব একটা ভালো হয় না কিন্তু সেখানে তো সবাই যায় না, তাই আমার মনে হয়ছে ওখানে না গিয়ে Clears – এর মতো এরকম একটা online সংস্থা হলে ভালই হবে।

Abhishek Rana
Nandigram BMT Sikhaniketan

Educlears is very helpful. I think it will help me. It is far better than Best NEET Coaching classes in Kolkata.

Agniv Chatterjee
St. Joseph College

It was a very interesting experience for me. Also it helped me to effectively study my courses. Also it helped me to effectively study my courses as good as Best JEE Coaching Classes in Kolkata.

Amrita Chatterjee
Vivekananda Mission

It is very interesting and useful. Each small doubts was cleared which are not being able to be cleared at that instant. Very useful.

Ananya Chakraborty
Techno India (Konnagar)

Very impressive and great platform for studies, A very nice scheme. Till now the best one.

Ankita Biswas
Welland Gouldsmith

It was very nice to see such a software which is guiding me like a one-to-one teacher.

Antajul Islam
Ballygunge Govt. High School

এই Educlears Software টি দেখে, জেনে আমার এক নতুন ধরনের অভিজ্ঞতা হল। পড়াশুনার ক্ষেত্রে এটি আমাকে অনেক পরিমানে সাহায্য করবে বলে আমার মনে হয়। আমি নিজের মত করে ব্বুঝতে পারবো যে আমি কতটা তৈরি পরীক্ষা দেওয়ার জন্য।

Anushka sarkar
Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Very nice concept. Very scientific approach of studying.

Educlears JEE software help the students to revise the syllabus they need to revise and save time and energy.

Many students get one-size-fits-all type homework which are made for the class not for specific student. Students will have the better option with Educlears JEE software. The software gives custom made challenging homework tests for each different student based on each studentís knowledge and academic performance. Better students will get harder questions automatically.

There is no assumption, no unnecessary revision or homework. Software will show what you need to study when you want to.


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