Do you feel like Quitting during the NEET and JEE Preparation?

We all know that NEET and JEE preparation is really really tough and many student think of quitting during the NEET and JEE preparation but we know that you are not less than anyone and you can do it.

Still, if you don’t want to do it there’s no pressure on you. There are lots of other career and study options that you can opt for. But, you have to decide what you are aspiring for in your future career.

There are obviously two types of students who quit or give up; one who are fresh aspirants reading in class 11 or class 12 and will be appearing in NEET or JEE after class 12 boards. 

The second aspirants are those who have already undergone NEET or JEE preparation once and are preparing to re-appear for the second time. It requires a lot of determination to be success as a repeater.

Quitting the NEET or JEE preparation is a hard decision to make for both groups. the candidates, ask why? For the second type of students who have already appeared once if they don’t crack it through this time it gets really tough, as their career gets delayed and the chances of frustration and disappointment is more. 

The first category of class 12 students is mostly clueless and confused about what to do or what option to go for. Many of them do not know the hard reality, the challenges they have to face to get success. Moreover, they are not aware of the stiff competition of the NEET and JEE preparation.

Before you quit, give up, or take any major decision we would like to tell you that you should face the challenge boldly before you quit. 

Solution : For not quitting NEET and JEE preparation

We say that because if you came to know about it later you would be really upset. What you need to do is you need to adapt the remedial way of preparing yourself for your NEET and JEE preparation. 

What is remedial preparation you may wonder? You learn from different sources schools, coaching, or maybe online platforms as well. After learning from all these sources you unknowingly create learning gaps or deficiencies and this prevents you from getting a high rank or you even may get worried and eventually feel like quitting. 

The solution is finding and fixing; firstly you need to find out the specific learning gaps with a help of series of adaptive test. 

Secondly, you immediately need to fill in those gaps by studying those specific parts. Lastly, you need to take the test once again to know if those gaps are properly covered.

In this way, your learning would be time saving and more targeted. In fact, you can prepare 100% without revising 100% of the syllabus. This will not only reduce your stress and anxiety but will make you more confident and relaxed before you go to the exam hall foe the actual exam.

Educlears Ai is an online Remedial system which will evaluate and diagnose you from the very first day after primary learning from school and coaching and can help you to find the gaps as well as provide you the doubt-clearing self-study materials to fix those weak areas which has been prepared for more than 90 teachers.

Educlears makes NEET and JEE preparation easier with the help of Remedial Learning integrated with Artificial Intelligence technology 

Many worried students like you are calling us on this number 98315 09000 / 98313 02701

Take your preparation to the highest level possible with EduClears. Come join us.

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The hidden strategies of NEET and JEE preparation

Reading the title, you must have been thinking, is it really possible? How can there be any hidden strategies for NEET and JEE preparation? It must be clickbait.

All these questions are jumbling up in your mind, isn’t it? Firstly, let us tell you very clearly that it is not clickbait. 

We all understand how difficult NEET and JEE preparation is, but we also know that you are not less capable than anyone else and that you can succeed.

There is no pressure on you to do it, though, if you choose not to. There are many more professional and educational possibilities available to you.

As a NEET and JEE preparation aspirant what are the sources of your studies, firstly you go to school which is compulsory; 

Secondly, we assume that you take coaching especially for your NEET or JEE and

 Thirdly you might have enrolled in an online Remedial learning platform. 

All these sources are very good for your studies but you lack preparation in all these institutions.

None of the students or parents realizes that when they do it’s too late as time waits for none. 

All these institutions shout out that they are the best when it comes to cracking NEET or JEE but the reality is how many students are actually qualifying for the NEET or JEE

Each and everyday coaching classes for NEET and JEE preparation teach a new chapter, a new topic is taught, and do you understand everything that is taught to you? 

Each and every student is different, understand differently, and has doubts of his own. It is impossible for them to clear the doubts of 40 students in a batch, that too individually.

 In this process doubts that a student has kept keeping piling up day after day, students forget them as they are learning new topics every day, and, in this way, students unknowingly create gaps and lacunas in their learning. 

So, we have talked a lot about what has been happening and you must be eager to know what the hidden strategy for NEET and JEE preparation is. 

Remedial learning is the sole hidden strategy that can take you to your goal and you can achieve a high rank. 

What is this process Remedial Learning process? 

As we were told that you learn from different sources and unknowingly create gaps, in the Remedial way of learning firstly those gaps are found with the help of a test. After the test, your report is evaluated in such a way that your learning gaps are highlighted in that report. 

Now that you know your specific learning gaps, learn those parts and again attempt a test to see how far you have improved. 

Repeat this process until your NEET and JEE preparation is complete.

With the Educlears software, with the help of our Artificial Intelligence technology and Remedial Learning, our software finds the gap of students individually and specifically; software even finds out the exact part of the topic where the student has forgotten or has learning gaps. After finding out the lacuna, the Educlears system immediately teach you that specific part for completing your NEET and JEE preparation.

Here are a few pointers for NEET and JEE preparation:

  • At all costs, don’t forget about NCERT. All crucial lines and points should be highlighted. Take simultaneous notes. Practice the NCERT back exercises.
  • Practice as many MCQs as you can. Make sure you are familiar with all of the physics formulas by practicing derivations.
  • Practice all of the physics equations, reactions, and numerical problems. Biology diagrams should not be disregarded without practice.
  • When the course is finished, Start preparing for chapter-by-chapter assessments to better understand the subjects.
  • Analyze your preparation using mock exams and Previous Year Qs to determine your strong and weak points. to refine the weaker notions and reinforce the good ones.

Maintain constant, distraction-free attention.

Many students found this hidden strategy beneficial and are successful Doctors and Engineers now.

So, what are you waiting for?

To know more about the hidden strategy students call us at 98315 09000 / 98313 02701

Time is ticking, it’s always best to start early.

Visit us : EduClears Ai

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