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Every student needs additional learning to make up the knowledge deficiencies after classroom learning; Educlears is made to evaluate and supplement those individual knowledge needs

Many students cannot cope with the teaching speed of the institutions, they need more time to understand the Concepts, Laws, Equations; it is seen that students have about 40% learning deficiencies after coaching classes and need additional help to make up the 40% learning gaps.

The interactive Educlears Ai system is made to identify the student's individual area of knowledge deficiencies and Educlears knowledge bank will make up those gaps without wasting any time.

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The Remedial learning method of Educlears makes preparation easier

No student can get a high rank in NEET / JEE after having only classroom type mediocre generic education meant for average students. Therefore all students need additional learning to face highly competitive Medical and IIT Engineering exams.

The Remedial Preparation method is the evaluation of the weak areas first, then studying and doubt clearing to make up to those weaknesses. Educlears software helps the students to find out their weak areas with its adaptive testing tool, and then students need to study the top-quality study materials provided with the Educlears system. The only thing students need to do is to take a test then go over the study materials linked with each unanswered question. Many teachers think that this is the ideal remedial learning method in Kolkata.

Ai tools and the remedial learning method make NEET and JEE Preparations much faster than only coaching

Remedial learning is better for NEET and JEE Preparation for two reasons:

  1. Revising the entire CBSE syllabus is virtually impossible. Only the Remedial learning method student can cover all without revising the entire syllabus. Remedial Study is not assumption-based revision; it is targeted at the filling up the weak areas after identifying what are the areas needed to be revised. This method is smart, time saving and gives better mileage for the efforts. Know more Remedial Learning.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Technology of Educlears makes the preparation easier providing information of what are more important areas to study first and what to study later.

When students get better and complete preparation in a shorter time, they remain more energetic for the advanced level of preparation needed for NEET / JEE. That is the reason, it works best for NEET and JEE Remedial preparations in Kolkata.

Remedial preparation with Educlears software

  1. The knowledge assessment tests for real-time knowledge status
  2. Rapid access to the proper knowledge content from its vast knowledge bank with a click of a button

Educlears helps to prepare better than Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are more focused on the completion of the syllabus than paying full attention to each student’s needs. Following completion of the curriculum, some coaching institutions arrange a few mock tests and a short crash course before NEET – JEE. This is not adequate because

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Educlears has Iteration technology to retain knowledge longer in the memory

Even coaching teachers agree that every student learns differently. Some will learn faster and retain longer and some will not. Some students are slow learners and forget faster than other learners. It is not possible for any human teacher to work with the learning speed of each student and revise again the forgotten areas. The Iteration technology of Educlears helps students retain more for a longer time.

The job of ITERATION is to provide a cycle of Testing - Studying - Testing of CLEaRS® with harder questions. This keeps student’s memory up-to-date for the exams. This is also a confidence building tool that helps the exam-phobic students. It is by far the best online NEET and JEE coaching solution.

Call us to know iteration technology how it helps the knowledge retention.

How to get Faster Preparation in Easier Ways

Individual Learning at your own speed and time
Get Instant Doubt Clearing help when you need it
Remedial teaching – the efficient way of preparation
Adaptive Logic to serve your needs
Versatile Mock Test with many tools
The online system gives 24x7 Accesses

How software helps the students?

Every student retains differently in the memory – the iteration can make it better

Student Learning and forget – it is natural. Learning is hard and forgetting before the final exam will be a double loss. The goal is to have and not let it go and the Iteration tool of Educlears is the answer.

The system will adjust with the student’s talent with its Adaptive logic

No coaching teacher can give challenging problem solving for every student for every topic and chapter. But without getting the higher difficult questions no student will be prepared to the best of his ability. Only the adaptive logic of the software can evaluate the ability of each student every time for every chapter. Educlears Ai has adaptive logic.

Instant Doubt Clearing help

A comprehensive explanation is linked with each unloved question. Students do not need to wait for the teacher’s help or do not search the textbooks for the answers.

Artificial Intelligence of Educlears helps Students prepare faster

Coaching classes have a fixed teaching policy for all students with different talents. The fixed speed is not suitable for most students.

The Artificial Intelligence of the Educlears works with the learning speed of each different student. Ai also gives bigger challenges to the good students yet helps students with relatively easier confidence building lessons.

Real-time Progress Report

Unlike the best Online NEET coaching classes in Kolkata, students will be aware of the preparation progress real-time.

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Customer's Reviews

Abhradeep Sarkar Sir Aurobindo Institute of Education

CLEaRS helped me in ranking high in KVPY exam. The Concept mode of CLEaRS helped my preparation. It is by far the best online coaching for JEE in Kolkata.

Abhijit Pal Rahara Ramkrishna Mission

আমার খুবই ভালো লেগেছে কারন সবাই বলে Aakash / Fitjee তে নাকি ভর্তি না হলে রেজাল্ট খুব একটা ভালো হয় না কিন্তু সেখানে তো সবাই যায় না, তাই আমার মনে হয়ছে ওখানে না গিয়ে Clears – এর মতো এরকম একটা online সংস্থা হলে ভালই হবে।

Abhishek Rana Nandigram BMT Sikhaniketan

Educlears is very helpful. I think it will help me. . It is far better than Best NEET Coaching classes in Kolkata

Agniv Chatterjee St. Joseph College

It was a very interesting experience for me. Also it helped me to effectively study my courses as good as Best JEE Coaching Classes in Kolkata.

Amrita Chatterjee Vivekananda Mission

It is very interesting and useful. Each small doubts was cleared which are not being able to be cleared by the best NEET coaching classes in Kolkata.

Ananya Chakraborty Techno India (Konnagar)

Very impressive and great platform for studies, A very nice scheme. It is the best NEET online coaching preparations in Kolkata

Ankita Biswas Welland Gouldsmith

It was very nice to see such a software which is guiding me like a one-to-one teacher.

Antajul Islam Ballygunge Govt. High School

এই Educlears Software টি দেখে, জেনে আমার এক নতুন ধরনের অভিজ্ঞতা হল। পড়াশুনার ক্ষেত্রে এটি আমাকে অনেক পরিমানে সাহায্য করবে বলে আমার মনে হয়। আমি নিজের মত করে ব্বুঝতে পারবো যে আমি কতটা তৈরি পরীক্ষা দেওয়ার জন্য।

Anushka sarkar Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Very nice concept. Very scientific approach of studying.

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