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A dose booster improves the potency when the effect of the vaccine becomes less effective over time.

Similarly, NEET-JEE students forget many previously understood lessons and need extra help to boost their preprations.


Students find online teaching companies provide ‘one-size-fits-all’ study materials for revisions that are not specific to fulfill the specific needs of the students. EduClears Boosting system is considered a smart choice because it diagnoses the weak areas of the students and clears doubts about the specific weak and forgotten areas. EduClears Boosting delivers the boosting at the target. This way, students study only 20% to fix their 20% doubts, no less.


Why do you even need to Boost your Preparation?

  • Preparation is having a solid grasp of the lessons, which cannot be achieved by simply attending coaching classes. It needs a series of tests followed by additional doubt-clearing. This kind of boost is something that coaching classes cannot consistently offer to every student. Educlears gives targeted boosting to fix the weaknesses.
  • Coaching classes mainly focus on completing the syllabus. Many students cannot cope with that speed of teaching and fall behind. On the other hand, EduClears Boosting System works hand-in-hand with the learning speed of the student.
  • Learning and forgetting are natural. But it becomes more problematic when students need to prepare huge study materials (34 Topics having 350 Chapters, 750 Concepts, Laws, and Equations). Besides, students are likely to forget more areas that are taught earlier. It is a continuous challenge to re-memorize the forgotten portions.
  • Learning is hard and relearning is harder because finding the forgotten areas is always a challenge. Educlears boosting system has the technology to identify all forgotten areas.

Boosting from the 1st day of preparation

  • The concepts are the base of Science, and there are hundreds of concepts in the syllabus. Humanly it is impossible for teachers to cover all the concepts. EduClears boosting system will help you with all the concepts from the NEET - JEE syllabus.
  • Coaching Institutions are often unable to cover 100% of the syllabus or arrange special classes when students miss the classes for some reason. This happens because they do not have enough time. Our boosting system will specifically find out those gaps and will teach them.
  • NEET and IIT-JEE preparations require practicing hundreds of mock tests. More tests they practice and know the answer better prepared they could be. Coaching classes may be good in teaching but not prepared for giving tests having hundreds of different types of questions with multiple complexities.

Student's Reviews

student face Abhradeep Sarkar Sir Aurobindo Institute of Education

CLEaRS helped me in ranking high in KVPY exam. The Concept mode of CLEaRS helped my preparation. It is by far the best online coaching for JEE in Kolkata.

star rating
student face Abhishek Rana Nandigram BMT Sikhaniketan

Educlears is very helpful. I think it will help me. . It is far better than Best NEET Coaching classes in Kolkata

star rating
student face Agniv Chatterjee St. Joseph College

It was a very interesting experience for me. Also it helped me to effectively study my courses as good as Best JEE Coaching Classes in Kolkata.

star rating
student face Amrita Chatterjee Vivekananda Mission

It is very interesting and useful. Each small doubts was cleared which are not being able to be cleared by the best NEET coaching classes in Kolkata.

star rating
student face Ananya Chakraborty Techno India (Konnagar)

Very impressive and great platform for studies, A very nice scheme. It is the best NEET online coaching preparations in Kolkata

star rating
student face Ankita Biswas Welland Gouldsmith

It was very nice to see such a software which is guiding me like a one-to-one teacher.

star rating
student face Anushka sarkar Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Very nice concept. Very scientific approach of studying.

star rating

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