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Benefits Of Using EduClears Prepnology For KVPY

The Best Online KVPY Coaching Aid with 100% Preparation Help

  • Complete Online Coaching Aid which Coaching Cannot Provide (5 Areas)
  • Complete 360 Degree Doubt and Concept Clearing
  • Identification of Forgetting Areas and Filling Them Up
  • 78000 MCQ's with Different Type of Tests According to Difficulty Levels (Easy/Medium/Hard)
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Preparations with Adaptive Knowledge and Questions

EduClears Prepnology Online
KVPY Preparation Program

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How EduClears Prepnology Helps in KVPY Preparation
Process with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Prepnology Process with Artificial Intelligence Technology Prepnology Process with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Foundation Building And Advanced Preparation (FBAP) SEMESTER CRASH COURSE (SCC) AND MOCK TEST
For KVPY Online Preparation

KVPY Preparation

3 Months ₹ 7800 Buy Now
6 Months ₹ 12480 Buy Now
12 Months ₹ 18720 Buy Now
18 Months ₹ 24960 Buy Now
24 Months ₹ 26000 Buy Now
  • 24x7 Availability
  • Weekly Counselling from our Education Counsellor
  • Thorough Doubts Detection and Clearing of Topic / Chapter / Lesson
  • 1426 Concepts (Law, Principle, Equation) Clearing One at a Time
  • Adaptive Question Series from 78000 MCQ's
  • Multiple Interactive Reports of Real Time Progress for Guidance

KVPY Repeaters

Semester 1 ₹ 5200 Buy Now
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  • 24x7 Availability
  • Covering All 34 Topics in 49 Days for Each Semester
  • Semester Crash Course will Filter Out What You Have Forgotten or You Have Doubts and Fill Them Up From the Enriched Knowledge Bank of the System.
  • Dedicated Days for Mock Test and Remedial Learning
  • Unlimited Tests with Instant Doubt Clearing

Ultimate Mock Test

30 Mock Test ₹ 5200 Buy Now
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  • 24x7 Availability
  • Simulated Tests Based on Actual Exam
  • Test Based on Degree of Difficulty
  • Test Based on Adaptive Logic Based on Student's Performance
  • Instant Test result
  • Instant 3 Step Doubt Clearing; Starts with Hint, then Concept Clearing and Holistic Knowledge Enrichment

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