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Educlears Ai is the only educational Company that provides the Remedial way of Preparations for NEET and JEE students.

As the Remedial teaching starts with a series of Evaluation Tests to find the unknown or forgotten knowledge then students study the linked tutorials of the software to clear those doubts. This way, students can prepare upto 100% without revising 100% of their syllabus.

Teachers and education specialists agree that the Remedial way is the most efficient way that reduces the hard work of preparation while preparing for high ranks. Artificial intelligence based software is interactive and works with the learning speed of the students.

Timeline of EduClears

2022- Introduced CLEaRS Science Knowledge Transfer system for MCAT & Undergraduate science students in the USA 2016- Introduced CLEaRS Semester-based remedial system for NEET - JEE Repeaters 2015 - Introduced CLEaRS TTR, an online version for institutional remedial teaching
- Opened up another office in Elgin Chamber
2014- Opened up 2 Branch offices (Lake-town and Dhakuria) 2013- Introduced CLEaRS online version 2011- Introduced CLEaRS in Pendrive format 2010 - New Marketing office in Everest house building in Chowranghee
- Introduced CLEaRS in DVD
- A solid review is given by the Times of India
- Additional newspaper reviews from the Bartaman, the Telegraph
2008 - Recommended by Kendriya Vidhyalaya commissioner for Medical and Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation
- Participated in Kolkata Bookfair in Maidan
2007 - Aajkal newspaper front page article "Joint preparation from home"
- Raving Reviews of Ramakrishna Mission by Swami Swarupananda, Principal
- Incorporation of CLEaRS software to the Class 11 of Ramakrishna Mission students
- Favorable reviews by the Prastuti section of Ananda Bazaar Patrika
2006- Testing and debugging 2005- Introduced CLEaRS preparation software, the first remedial system in Compact Disc (CD) in India