Foundation Building and Advance Preparation (FBAP)

Preparing for NEET or JEE? You have made the right choice.

Complete your preparation by choosing EduClears systematic and complete preparation system.

Schools are teaching you, coaching institutes are making you learn, but no one talks about your preparation.

How to achieve 100% complete preparation?

We will tell you how.

  • Step 1 - Learn the lessons from your school, coaching, online platforms, etc.
  • Step 2 - Then, login to our system, find out the specific part that was taught to you in your school, coaching, online platforms, etc. and attempt the test.
  • Step 3 - After the test, our Ai based system will analyse your learning gaps and point out the specific part that you will have to focus on and will also clear your doubts instantly.
  • Step 4 - Now that you know your gaps, you can study those parts from your textbooks or you can do that from our platform as well.
  • Step 5 - After studying that part, attempt the test again to check your improvement, repeat the process for all the topics.

This is one of the many tools that's present in the system. The system has more tools like mock test, Iteration Technology (continuously monitors all your activity and guides you what to study and what you should study later) and a huge amount of data of all the concepts (Laws, Principles and Equation) that's there in your syllabus.

Choose the Smart Ai - Artificial Intelligence system and get an extra edge over the intense NEET and JEE competition, save time and get complete preparation.

Buy your FBAP here

S.No# Products MRP Pay
01. FBAP - 3months ₹ 7,800
02. FBAP - 6months ₹ 12,480
03. FBAP - 12months ₹ 18,720
04. FBAP - 15 months ₹ 21,840
05. FBAP - 18 months ₹ 24,960
06. FBAP - 24 months ₹ 26,000