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Coaching is Good for Learning,

But not Good Enough for Complete NEET - JEE & Board Preparations.

Students prepare about 60% by acquiring knowledge from Coaching classes
And make up the 40% preparation gap by other means.

Five preparation areas that coaching cannot cover

  • Thorough Concept Clearing: Coaching does not have time to clear all (1,426) Concepts.
  • Practising 1,000 Mock Tests: Coaching Classes do not have adequate Mock Tests series to Practice.
  • Practice makes a novice student a confident pro. Successful students practice more tests from different sources to become familiar with the questions and know the answers. The more answers they know - the more prepared they are. It is seen that when a student knows 10,000 answers after working out 1,000 Mock Tests Questions with different levels of difficulties, they become better prepared and do well in the exams. Unfortunately, coaching classes either do not have or not enough number of Mock Test series. Therefore, students need to go outside of coaching to get Mock Tests

  • Individual Doubt Clearing: Teachers cannot clear doubts of all the doubts of all the students all the time.
  • The fact is students form doubts all the time. They form new doubts when they learn anything new also when they learn something hard to understand. Doubts pile up over time if someone does not clear them instantly as they are faced with. It is common sense that a student is not considered prepared for the exams and will not do well also if he has many doubts. Doubts must be cleared up, and problems need to be explained and solved before the exams.

    It is humanly impossible to clear all the doubts all the time by any coaching teacher. Not being able to clear student's doubt is another shortcoming of the coaching.

  • Preparation is not just giving lectures, it needs handholding and guidance in every step: When the teenager students about to face life's most crucial exam (NEET-JEE), they need guidance through continuous real-time reports in different forms.
  • Students not only need the knowledge, but they also need hand holding, Corrective guidance and confidence building assurances in every step based on daily preparation history are crucial for better preparations. Coaching teachers do not know how much a student does not know in any chapter, what Concepts are cleared to them, what formula he/ she does not Remember.

    Though good teaching helps up to 60% of the preparations, coaching still does not have any data on how each student learns and forgets every day. Therefore, it is not possible at all for any coaching to provide corrective guidance to each student.

  • Learning is hard and forgetting is natural: Students often forget some portions of the chapter and answers to some questions they have learnt earlier; Coaching does not help the students to retrieve any of them.
  • Not remembering the answers and formula are not good preparation. Coaching does not have any clue which student does or does not remember what part of knowledge.. Coaching cannot help students for this important "forgetting" issue.

    By the way, Educlears Prepnology has extraordinary methods to find out when their user students about to forget and help them to retrieve and remember again.

Good News for the students, they can make up their 40% missing preparation areas after coaching education in one place when they use the Educlears Prepnology Platform

Smart Preparation Formula

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What is Exam Preparation?

Attending coaching is basically learning but not getting total preparation help.
Preparation means getting ready to answer most questions correctly in the exam hall. To do that a student needs to have a good and thorough understanding of the entire knowledge contents of the syllabus. The effective way of getting better comprehension of the contents is the 'Study - Test - Study ' method. The purpose of taking tests is to make sure that all the answers and solutions are known to the student and so that he / she will be able to answer questions promptly.

What is Educlears Prepnology platform?

A proprietary preparation technology that interfaced with its own high-quality study materials. The entire process is also integrated with by artificial intelligence technology.

Get all your doubt cleared with Educlears Prepnology

How the Prepnology works:
Basically Prepnology works with unique probing and diagnostic methods followed by searching to find the appropriate doubt and concept clearing tutorials and examples to fill up the knowledge gaps instantly. Prepnolgy platform offers all the supplementary learning and preparation requirements that human teaching classes cannot offer. Students do not need to look for any other preparation assistance after coaching education when they have Educlears Prepnology.