Semester Crash CourseSemester Crash Course

Semester Crash Course

Prepare yourself for NEET & JEE with EduClears Semester Crash Course, that makes your preparation 100% complete.

Why EduClears Semester Crash Course?

A systematic and targeted crash course that's been especially designed for those students who are re-appearing or appearing after boards for NEET and JEE.

As you already have learnt all your syllabus now you need to prepare, repeating the same way will not give you a different result.

How does it work?

EduClears has been systematically designed to cover all the 34 topics over 49 days of one or each semester.

EduClears semester crash course will filter out what you have forgotten or you have doubts, then it will clear your doubts with the help of EduClears Remedial Preparation system, lastly with the help of its Iteration technology the system will monitor what you need to study and what not over a period of time.

Get the best preparation by taking five semester crash courses.

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S.No# Products MRP Pay
01. SCC - 1 Semester ₹ 5,200
02. SCC - 2 Semesters ₹ 9,360
03. SCC - 3 Semesters ₹ 12,480