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If you are preparing for boards you have landed at the right spot. The board examination is your gateway to colleges. Every student wishes to get into renowned colleges but requires a minimum of 90% score in your boards.

EduClears, help you get 90% and above in your boards. How?

  • Remediation
    Test yourself in the EduClears system to know how well you have learnt from your school. The system will segregate your known and unknown parts of your knowledge.
  • Instant Doubt Clear
    Once you test yourself you will be very clear about your knowledge gaps, the unknown part and the EduClears system will instantly clear all your doubts in 3 steps namely Clue, Principle and Tutorial.
  • Concept Learning
    The foundation of science is CONCEPT. It is the key for basic understanding of the subject as a whole. The concepts here are divided into Laws, Principles and Equations.
  • Subjective Questions and Answers
    Apart from that the system has numerous conceptual subjective based questions from all the chapters of your syllabus.

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S.No# Products MRP Pay
01. Study Mate - 6 months ₹ 7,800
02. Study Mate - 12 months ₹ 12,480
03. Study Mate - 18 months ₹ 15,600
04. Study Mate - 24 months ₹ 18,720