Why EduClearsWhy EduClears

AI Aided System

One major dilemma students face is knowing what to study for revision purpose. They do not know what the real unknowns are or forgotten lessons that need to revise now and what areas are already well prepared that are not needed to study. Artificial Technology becomes very handy at that time. Ai technology helps to identify those known and unknown areas as well as push the students to study the important areas. Ai technology will create the personal preparation folder for each student to monitor and deliver the proper study material to optimize the student's needs so that student can prepare better in a relatively shorter time.

Iteration Technology

Revising entire syllabus for the preparation is painful and students randomly select some Topics or Chapters they think they are weak. Sometimes they revise few areas they assume as important for the exam. Both are assumptions and unscientific. The rational idea is to find out what are unknowns or forgotten then study them. Iteration technology of the software will do exactly that detective work. It will help the student to pinpoint the weak areas for revision. How Iteration works? It works from the background when student doubt clears with the software. Iteration will monitor the student's response time and will predict the areas where student is about to forget.

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Personalized CBT Getting Progressively Harder

Students need to know about 20,000 MCQ answers to get high rank. The best way to know 20,000 answers is CBT / Mock Test that are linked with the answers. Our CBT / Mock Tests questions have the answers of the wrong answers. The Tests are simulated NEET tests with the exact number of questions and exact amount of time. EduClears for NEET software will give the opportunity to know the answers of 20,000 important questions from a 70,000-question bank. Most importantly the questions will be given to the student on a adaptive basis i.e. the level of questions will be getting progressively harder when the system will know that the student have covered the basic level.

Remedial Learning

Remedial Preparation is Evaluation based Doubt Clearing. Knowledge evaluation finds the weak preparation areas and then student can get the exact study materials to clear the doubt with a click of button. In this easy way, without revising the entire chapter student studies the right amount to replenish properly and can fill up maximum number of gaps in short time. Thus, student get better preparation faster. When students save time and energy, they feel better, confident, and relaxed.

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Adaptive Logic

The purpose of the Adaptive Logic is to give higher level of challenges as early as possible to prepare for more difficult questions. How is it done? Every student learns differently even different Subjects, different Topics and Chapters. The adaptive logic evaluates the learning patterns of the student and present more difficult questions when student has finished easier questions. All these done automatically.

Instant Doubt Clearing

When a student appears for a test, he/she can clear his doubts instantly, in three easy steps. Firstly, system will give a clue for student to relate the clue with the answer. Secondly, even after the clue, if it is not clear the system give him the concept, lastly if the student think that they need to study it thoroughly the system gives them the tutorial as a whole.

In this way, students can save time, they do not need to wait for teachers to solve their doubts, search thousands of pages of textbooks and will be well prepared way before the exams.

Progress Report

As a student you might want to know how is your progress over the time, how have you improved on a particular topic or subject. The system will show you how much time have you spent on a particular topic. A monthly progress report will be shared with you.

Coaching companies do not give any real time progress report and students have no idea of his / her preparation condition. Often students assume and overestimate about their preparation status and struggle in the exam hall. Without progress reports student may become nervous unnecessarily and nervousness is not helpful for performance.

As a parent you are investing a substantial amount of money on the student you might want to know how is your child progressing. Our system gives multiple progress reports of students from different dimension for the students and parents to know the progress of the student. Moreover, our representative will coordinate with students and parents and share all the progress reports to let you know how is the preparation going on, how can one improve and much more.