Negative marking is an integral part of exams like NEET and it is important for the students to get some suggestions to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

 The NEET, also known as the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, is widely regarded as India’s most difficult exam. Students must be NEET-qualified if they want to continue higher education and professions in medicine or fields allied to medicine. This year’s NEET exam will take place on May 7, 2023.

The exam period is drawing near. Now, it’s important to consider how confident the candidate is in their own NEET 2023 preparations.

The short time allotted for finishing the test and the negative marking is what make the NEET exam so difficult. One can obtain the desired speed and solve the issue of limited time by practising multiple-choice tests before the exam. Negative evaluation, however, is still a factor. Negative markings may make it more difficult to perform well and move through the ranks. As students consider receiving a poor grade, they can become anxious. Yet becoming anxious won’t help; a better course of action would be to look for suggestions to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

Negative marking is a rules that cannot be changed, but we may do our best to lessen the likelihood of receiving them. We must first understand the negative marking process in order to receive any remedy.

The applicants must be aware of the negative marking pattern in order to concentrate on lowering negative marks while preparing for NEET. Understanding negative grading and learning how to prevent it are essential for achieving a higher NEET test score. In this blog, we will discuss the pattern of negative markings as well as suggestions to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.


There are 4 marks given for each right response. Each wrong response results in the loss of one point. For questions that are unanswered, neither points nor deductions are given. It is crucial to remember that the NEET exam’s negative marking policy is applicable to all subjects, including physics, chemistry, and biology.

An attempt at more than one response to the same question will be viewed as an incorrect response and will receive a negative marking.


Another important aspect that comes up here is how to calculate negative markings, to avoid negative markings, it is crucial to know the process of calculating negative marks.

A total of 200 questions—180 of which must be answered—will be asked in the exam in accordance with the NEET UG paper format. Hence, 180 questions can be answered in total, for a total of 720 points for the NEET exam. 180 marks are for Physics, 180 are for Chemistry, and 360 are for Biology (Botany + Zoology) out of the total NEET marks. Before sitting the exam, candidates need to be conscious of the negative marking in NEET. The following points can be used to compute negative markings in the NEET:

1. The number of accurate responses is multiplied by four.

2. Count how many times you got it wrong

3. By comparing the difference between the two points above, get your NEET score.



Reading the question paper properly becomes a crucial component of any exam. It may be crucial to avoid negative markings in the NEET. Every student preparing for the NEET exam is advised to develop the practise of reading the entire question paper before responding. There will be questions that the student has attempted in the past and already knows the answer to. But if it is restructured with minute changes, the students can become confused.

Someone will be able to recognize the changes and provide the right response if they carefully read the question once or twice. It will automatically lower the likelihood of receiving negative marks. Students become confused even after knowing the answer because of their anxiety. A detailed reading of the questions can be a remedy for this.


Another reason for receiving negative marks is answering a question that is uncertain. If you aren’t sure of the answer or have any doubts about it, don’t try to respond to a question. The chances of getting the wrong answer are high if you guess. That will consequently result in a negative marking. It will be a smart decision if you skip the answer and, without wasting time, move to the next question. Try to be selective in this situation. This is an important tip to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.


Any last-minute answers to questions should not be attempted by the students. Competitive tests like NEET require extra care. Rushing at the last minute will only produce bad results. Just before submitting their responses, students often try their luck. They could think they haven’t answered all the questions and that their answer sheet isn’t complete. The worst choice ever made is this one. It is preferable to skip all of those questions to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.


A student’s confidence grows with their preparation. You can perform better on the test by having confidence. Overconfidence, though, can sometimes be dangerous. Many students become thrilled after receiving their exam papers and ignore important details. When receiving the exam paper, one should maintain calmness. The only way to avoid making silly mistakes is to maintain your calmness. You’ll be able to think more clearly and make wiser decisions as a result of this. Maintaining calmness is another way to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.


Following the NEET exam guidelines is necessary for avoiding negative marks in the NEET exam. Before taking an exam as important as this, one must be familiar with the rules. The rules for negative marking must be understood by students. It’s crucial to keep things organized when working on OMR sheets. The fill should be neat and round. If you aren’t certain of the answer to a question, don’t answer it. Go on to the next. If in doubt, don’t select two responses for a single question. It will be viewed as the wrong response, and points will be taken away. By taking precautions, you can avoid errors that could negatively affect your outcome.


NEET is a vital exam. It is a tough job to make you prepared. Don’t be stressed at this moment. Start your preparation early to reduce stress. Don’t try to read any new chapters at the last moment. It can give you harmful results. In the examination hall, you must be relaxed. Overconfidence and overstress are both bad. Try to be in the middle of these two things to avoid negative markings in the NEET. One should set aside time to study and relax. In the exam room, you should focus on your papers and not keep an eye on the other applicants’ progress. This rule should be followed strictly to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

In the end, we can say that negative marking seriously affects one’s result. It can play a significant role in poor rankings. But there are different ways to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam. Other points like time management, focusing on weak areas, and attempting easy questions at the beginning, etc. can also help to avoid negative markings in the NEET. One of the most important things is to seek assistance. Do not hesitate to seek help or ask anything from your mentor. Having more knowledge will only make you more powerful and will boost your confidence. All the points we discussed above can be followed to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

More practice with different kinds of mock tests and knowing the correct answers will be beneficial to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

The best place to find a variety of mock test series having different difficulty levels is Educlears Mock Tests. 

It contains over 75,000 MCQs with multiple answers with simulated actual tests. 

Educlears Mock Tests are the most versatile too because students can practice not only the most number of tests but also can create tests on individual Topics/ Chapters too.

Their website is www.educlears.com.

Thank you for reading. We Hope the suggestions we have given in this blog will help many students to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

To all the aspirants: you have made it so far, but there is still a little way to go. We wish you all the best for your examination and future.

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Have you ever heard the line “Prepnology for NEET and JEE“? Isn’t it a brand-new concept? Particularly the term “Prepnology“? We’re confident that most of you who read this blog have never heard of this. For the majority of you, the phrase “Prepnology for NEET and JEE” appears to be a mystery. Right?

Let’s explain what the term “Prepnology” entails without wasting any time by building any more suspense. Prepnology means preparation with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. The importance of self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE was covered in the previous two blogs, as well as how neglecting self-learning might negatively affect students’ performance on exams. We’ve also covered the excuses students provide for avoiding self-learning. The following are the top three reasons why students avoid doing self-learning: 1. Self-learning is boring 2. The extensive course load and constrained time; and 3. Nobody can demonstrate to the students what they are achieving through self-learning.

In this blog, we will give a solution that will help the students who are preparing for NEET and JEE. We will also show how evaluation and doubt-clearing processes can be done with prepnology for NEET and JEE students.

Many online platforms are available that can be used by NEET and JEE students. But Educlears is a company that truly places a strong emphasis on self-learning. Educlears have developed a novel concept called Prepnology while taking into consideration all the issues that students face during self-learning. Prepnology is the term for preparation using Artificial Intelligence. We believe that Educlears is the source of our first exposure to the phrase “Prepnology.” Now let’s see how the evaluation and doubt-clearing process of Educlears with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students works.


A student chooses a primary education source from which to obtain a fundamental conceptual grasp of a certain topic when they begin to prepare for NEET and JEE. But this is not the only phase in the preparation process. Reading the topics alone is insufficient. To succeed, one must recognize the areas of knowledge that need improvement.

In other words, it’s important to constantly conduct a self-study and pinpoint the areas where you have problems. You can evaluate and diagnose yourself by doing this. And this will let you read according to your needs. But the entire procedure is not that easy.

Two typical issues that mainly affect students are 1. A student cannot fully comprehend what they have been taught in class. A student may still have learning gaps or ambiguities after receiving conceptual information. 2. Another issue is forgetting what you’ve learned. While constantly learning new things, it can be challenging to recall previous subjects.

Educlears use Prepnology for NEET and JEE as part of a unique approach to addressing these two problems. Let’s assume that a learner has finished studying a certain subject through coaching or another learning resource. He or she now wishes to evaluate their comprehension and identify what still needs to be improved. Educlears is the best tool in this case for detecting the student’s issues and giving them the right attention by filling up their knowledge gaps. Students can check each and every aspect of their preparation because Educlears has divided several science subjects into various subtopics and shortened units for this purpose.

A group of questioners will appear in front of the learner after they have chosen the topic they wish to test themselves on. Students will choose their responses from the options provided for each question. There is a time limit. The system will immediately display a report based on performance to the student after they have selected all the answers and submitted their paper. Poor, excellent, good, and other adjectives will be used to describe this report. Artificial intelligence will support this entire process. This is how the first part, which is evaluation, is done with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students.

The next step is to clear up any remaining doubts. To dispel uncertainty, the next step is to clear up any remaining doubts. For every question that was incorrectly answered, a clue will first be provided for doubt clarification. It will be demonstrated that a student understood the concept but was unable to recall it at the time if they are able to identify the correct response using the clue.

If a person could not figure out the right response using the clue, they would be provided with the underlying principle behind the question. If the principle is still insufficient, the system will offer a complete tutorial so that users can review the entire subject from which the question was extracted.

With the help of these three steps: clue, principle, and tutorial, the whole process of doubt clearing is being done. If a student wants to retake the exam, a new set of questions will appear in front of them. And this question will be given at the adaptive level. It means the system will change the level of questions according to the previous performance of the student.

By this, the evaluation will be more scientific. This whole process of evaluation and doubt clearing with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students consumes less time, and students can evaluate themselves every day after primary learning and fill their knowledge gaps.

A student who wishes to do exceptionally well in NEET and JEE can find more than enough practise questions on Educlears, which has 75,000 of them. Additionally, they offer mock exam series for multiple topics as well as concept-based tests to gauge how well students have studied a particular concept. The system has all the concepts in it, which is the base of science. And if a student wants to check how well they are prepared for a particular concept, they can take a test on that also. It will provide them with conceptual clarification. The online system is accessible around the clock, so students can utilize it whenever it suits them.

This is how Educlears is doing evaluation and doubt clearing with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students. By using this new technology called Prepnology for NEET and JEE students, Educlears have opened a new path for preparation. Check out their website https://www.educlears.com/.  The idea of difficult preparation has been transformed into easy preparation with the help of Prepnology for NEET and JEE. Thanks to you for reading this blog. Wishing success to all candidates.


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We covered the necessity of self-learning and diagnosis in the last blog, but now we’ll look at why NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning. When we talk about tests like NEET and JEE, the first thing that comes to mind is their competitiveness. The large syllabus, negative marking, limited seats in colleges, and the pressure of getting into the dream institution are what make it so difficult. The only way to perform well is to prepare by employing some extra strategy.

Let us explain why we call it an “extra strategy.” Despite the fact that the NEET and JEE tests are difficult to pass on the first try, there are many students who are doing exceptionally well and ranking high. There are also examples of students who received a perfect score. So, what is it that they are doing differently that makes them stand out from the rest of the students?

If we listen to the toppers’ interviews, we will notice that all or the most of them are focused on self-learning. They have spent several hours in self-learning after receiving fundamental conceptual learning from a coaching, private teacher, or institution. Self-learning entails not only reviewing what was taught in class, but also diagnosing oneself. Diagnosis here refers to detecting learning gaps or lacuna among students and fixing those gaps. So that there will be no doubt among students before to the NEET and JEE exams.

Despite acknowledging the need of self-learning and diagnosis, NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning after coaching. We observed a few reasons of why NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning.

Reasons Why NEET and JEE Students Avoid Self-Learning

The first stage in preparation is to complete primary education. For tests such as NEET and JEE, primary education entails gaining conceptual clarity on a specific topic or subject. This conceptual clarity can be obtained through education, coaching classes, private tutors, online platforms, and other similar means. Students obtain basic ideas about a topic from a variety of sources.

In this period of basic education, students are always learning new things, fresh topics, new chapters, and new concepts. Every day, it is critical to discover learning gaps after reading something new. Learning gaps are areas where you have doubts or uncertainties regarding a particular topic. This uncertainty will have an effect on your performance in the future. However, most NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning. Here are the reasons:

1. NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning because they find it uninteresting

This is the most common reason why NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning. It is exhausting to go over the entire topic that was taught in class again after returning home from coaching or receiving classes from a private tutor. The majority of students find it uninspiring and tedious. The entire process of revising the topic takes time. Students may look for a shortcut approach or postpone the task owing to a lack of enthusiasm. This is one of the reasons why many NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning.

2. NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning due to lack of time and quantity of the syllabus

The syllabus for NEET and JEE is extensive. Because of the vastness of the syllabus, students are sometimes puzzled as to where to begin self-learning. They get confused as to what to read and which sections to avoid. Time is limited. Utilizing time effectively for self-learning is a difficult endeavor. Lack of time and vast syllabus is other reasons why NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning.

3. NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning because they don’t find it challenging

When students engage themselves in self-learning, they may wonder what they are accomplishing. When we put time and effort into something, we expect to see results. There is no one who can demonstrate statistically what a student achieves through self-learning. NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning because they are not able to see the results from it instantly.

WHAT IS THE WAY OF SOLVING THE PROBLEM WHY NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning?

Above mentioned three factors are the reason why NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning. Many companies are trying to solve this issue by implementing different ideas. Keeping in mind the above three problems of students, we found a perfect online platform called Educlears. While searching for a solution for the self-learning-related issue, we found Educlears a perfect and the most suitable online learning platform. Most importantly they are the only ones putting constant stress on self-learning. not only they are asking students to do self-learning but also address the problems faced by NEET and JEE students while self-learning. Aided by Artificial Intelligence technology, they are actually changing the concept of self-learning from uninteresting to interesting.

 Because it’s an online system, students don’t need to manage their time to use the system. They can use it anytime from home. Last but most importantly students can see instant results based on their performance so that they can be motivated to perform well. Detailed information’s available on their website www.educlears.com. Hope this blog will inspire you and encourage you to start your preparation with total energy. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog on why NEET and JEE students avoid self-learning. Have a great future.


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Self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE are important when a student really wants to score well in those exams. Following the board test, every student is concerned about which professional path will be the best for them. Choosing the appropriate professional path is a crucial life decision. Among all the professions, medical and engineering are the most common.

When a student decides to pursue a career in medicine or engineering, he or she must pass the NEET and JEE exams. The most difficult admissions examinations in India are the NEET (national eligibility test) and the JEE (joint entrance examination). The level of competitiveness is likewise really high. Every year, a large number of students take these examinations, with an extremely low success percentage in contrast to the number of students. Seats in medical and engineering colleges are restricted. One must perform very well in order to be admitted to their dream college.

But the question is, why do, among all these students who appear for the exam every year, only a few get a chance? Even after taking classes from the best coaching and tutors, students are not getting the desired results. Here the main problem is a lack of self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE. In this blog, we will talk about why self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE are important.


Many students may doubt if self-learning and diagnosis are truly necessary for NEET and JEE success. The answer will be yes. Let’s talk about why self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE are important.

Preparation is essential for any exam. One is unable to perform effectively without proper preparation. However, there are a few components or parts of preparedness. The initial step is primary education. Primary education can be obtained from a variety of sources, including schools, private teacher coaching, and so on. There are numerous recognized institutes and coaching centres that provide systematic preparation for exams such as NEET and JEE. However, even after attending classes at these institutes, not everyone performs well.

Everyone or the majority of the students would have placed high if taking classes from the finest teachers was enough to do well on the exam. However, this is not happening because the most crucial thing after taking the class is self-learning. Students must learn to diagnose themselves and clear their doubts.

Every day, students go to school and take tuition, but do they understand everything that is taught to them? Each learner has a distinct understanding capacity. Some people may understand a topic at first, but after returning home from coaching, they may forget most of what they learned.

So, what is the solution to this problem? One may only avoid this by studying what they are taught in class on a regular basis and diagnosing themselves through examinations. It will indicate how effectively they have understood the subject matter. They can evaluate which portions are properly prepared and which require more effort by analyzing test results.

At the same time, it is critical to review previously taught concepts. Learning and forgetting are widespread issues. To tackle this difficulty, NEET and JEE students must conduct a self-assessment. If we follow the advice of toppers, we will notice that the majority of them emphasize self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE.

Self-learning and Doubt Clearing for NEET and JEE are Important. But is this an easy task?

Based on everything we have mentioned this far, we can conclude that self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE are critical. However, the process of self-learning and diagnosis is not easy. It is tough to determine which sections you have forgotten or which require more revision. In most cases, students repeat the entire curriculum while preparing a small portion. This takes a significant amount of time. It’s like plastering the entire body for a little fracture.

It is especially significant for repeaters who have already taken the exam. Because repeaters already know 80% of the syllabus. They only need to focus on minor details. Without self-diagnosis, they will have to retake the entire curriculum, which may be harmful to their preparation.

But thanks to the Educlears who have thought to help the students facing the problems of self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE. By using the latest Artificial Intelligence Technology, Educlears is able to pinpoint the unfilled knowledge space among students. Educlears is capable of not only diagnosing but also treating students. That means it not only identifies but also fills the space. This is how a student can prepare themselves 100%. Their Artificial Intelligence Technology can diagnose each student individually and help them get individual need-based learning.

By analyzing each student’s capability, Educlears is able to give them complete preparation by making their tough journey easier. This is how Educlears is proving self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE in a convenient way. To know more about their process of self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE, visit their website, www.educlears.com. We hope this blog on self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE will give every student an idea of how to plan their exam preparation. Thanks for reading.


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NEET exam is around the corner and, it is essential to know the last-moment strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. India hosts one of the most intriguing and difficult competitive tests ever. The NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is frequently regarded as the most difficult exam in India. Students who desire to pursue higher education and careers in medicine or fields related to medicine must be NEET eligible. The NEET test for this year will be held on May 7, 2023.

Exam time is approaching. How much confidence the candidate has in his or her own NEET 2023 preparations now becomes crucial. There are some important last-minute tips or preparation strategies that every student should keep in mind. In the last days leading up to NEET, you can experience stress, and naturally, your preparation approach will change from how it was in the months before the exam. The final few days are critical and affect a candidate’s performance on test day. Here are some last-minute strategies and preparation for NEET 2023 that we believe would help students do better on exams.

Final Strategies and Preparation for NEET 2023

1. Avoid beginning anything new

Exam time is quickly approaching. Don’t start anything new right now. This is important among all strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. To ensure they have covered everything, many students have the propensity to read fresh material in the days leading up to their exams. One should concentrate on the parts that have already been completed rather than starting something new. Your preparation will be stronger if you keep thinking about what you have read. Starting something new at the last minute will confuse you and increase the likelihood that you will forget what you have prepared.

2. Create an effective study schedule

In any event, planning comes before execution. Making a good study strategy before NEET is also crucial and it is essential among all strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. Create a daily schedule. You can decide on the topic or chapter you want to start studying in the morning. After that, you can proceed with the portion where you clear up any doubts, and at the end of the day, you can test yourself on what you have read. This is how you can create a proper study schedule, which will help you to prepare more effectively for NEET at the moment.

3. Pay close attention to the questions and be picky

Every student should keep in mind this crucial fact before taking any test. Reading each question carefully before responding is one of the most vital strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. Take your time. Examine the questions. It will be really beneficial. Choosing becomes another crucial factor at this point. Try to pick the question that you believe will be easiest for you to answer initially. Your confidence will grow if you answer all the known questions or if you start with the simple ones. Also, it will give you more time for answering. Try to avoid making assumptions because they could result in negative markings.

4. Maintain both your physical and mental wellbeing

Students occasionally neglect their health in order to study for their exams. It is crucial that you are physically fit before the exam. This is another important of all strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. Avoid junk food and consume healthy foods. To stay hydrated, sip lots of water. And the most crucial thing is to get enough sleep. Eight hours of sleep are recommended. Wellness in both the body and the mind is interrelated. Stress and worry are prevalent during this time. Try not to worry and to be joyful. Maintain your composure. Take brief pauses between studying.

5. Daily revision and taking mock exams

Last but not least, daily review and taking mock tests are the most important of all strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. Daily review forces you to remember previously forgotten chapters. Also, taking mock exams enables you to gauge your level of preparation and required effort. Repetition of the entire syllabus will not be a prudent choice.

When we are discussing last-minute strategies and preparation for NEET 2023, certain things should be kept in mind. Even though revising is good, students are familiar with 85% of the material while studying at the last minute. Only 15% need to prepare for last-minute preparation. Here, identifying which portions are known and which are unknown will be the question. When it comes time to revise, students struggle to determine which sections need revision and which sections they are well prepared for.

They will therefore go over the entire curriculum again. In this way, one will repeat 100% to make up the 15% whether they are studying alone or attending a coaching class. This process won’t help you when exams are so close.

Because our goal is to assist every student with last-minute strategies and preparation for NEET 2023, we searched for a solution that would enable students to save time while also fully preparing for the exam in a short amount of time. One such platform that comes highly recommended is Educlears. It is an online platform that will help students to make stronger strategies and preparation for NEET 2023. They are able to pinpoint the precise amount of the knowledge gap and offer a solution with the help of their 49-day crash course. What is wrong with preparing the entire syllabus, some individuals may wonder?

It takes a lot of effort and focuses to prepare for the entire course. It will be equivalent to plastering the entire body over a little fracture. The science syllabus comprises several disciplines, topics, subtopics, and chapter concepts. It is the hardest problem to examine and study the knowledge gaps buried inside the brain. Systematic syllabus filtering is the answer.

Educlears can handle this task using artificial intelligence technology. Educlears can perform the task of identification through a chain of evaluation tests. In their 49-day crash course, there are questions on each subject in depth. All topics are covered within it. With each test, the system will identify the student’s doubts and resolve them. This filtration will continue until all the gaps are identified and reported.

 After the process of filtering every doubt, the system will start the doubt-clearing and remedial process. How is this doubt-clearing process being done? After filtering the doubts, there will be an option called doubt clearing. As soon as a student clicks on the “doubt clearing” button, the system will research relevant topics related to the question. By reading those, students can clarify their ideas about a particular topic.

Students won’t have to go through books, topics, and chapters or wait for their teacher to come and explain. With the help of this 49-day crash course, a student can resolve their doubt instantly. Educlears use their iteration process to help students recall previously forgotten chapters. It helps to revisit the past chapter and keep the memory afresh, which makes a student always prepared for the test.

Having 15,000 MCQ answers on hand is another component of preparation. Only by completing 200 to 300 MCQs per day would a student be able to achieve this. Their built-in programme assesses a student’s performance while eliminating unclear information and overlooked topics. This is how the 49-day crash course from Educlears may be employed as a tool for last-minute preparation. www.educlears.com is their website. Check their website for more details. In this blog, we tried to cover all the last-minute strategies and preparation for NEET 2023.  We hope it will help students to plan their strategies and preparation for NEET 2023.


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Having an idea of the problems of NEET droppers is crucial to know before making the decision to do so.

Almost every student who aspires to clear the NEET exam finds it to be a difficult endeavor. The number of students taking the NEET exam is large and has been growing over time. There are barely little more than 80,000 medical seats available in India. Keeping in mind the difficulty and competitiveness, a candidate might question their ability when preparing for NEET.

In this situation, a student may undoubtedly attempt every strategy for doing well in the exam. They might not, however, be sure that they will be successful that year. The board exams can be a reason that prevents them from adequately preparing for NEET. This exam is regarded by medical hopefuls as a challenging hurdle due to its extensive syllabus and growing competition. In this circumstance, one might choose to skip a year in order to prepare better. Before deciding on a break of a year, several aspects should be considered. There might be several problems of NEET dropper working behind the decision to drop a year. Following are some of those

1. Can Get a Whole Year to Prepare

This is among the most common problems of NEET dropper for choosing to skip a year. Students occasionally struggled to find adequate time for NEET preparation due to the board test preparation. If they take a year off, they will have ample time to get ready for the examination.

2. More Time Will Make the Basics Strong

It takes a long time to finish the NEET syllabus because it is very extensive. This may be seen as one of the problems of NEET dropper. The NEET syllabus is made up of numerous principles, ideas, and laws. More time will assist in making those fundamental concepts firm and concrete. A year of preparation will improve your conceptual clarity of thought.

3. Possibility of Success Is Higher

Due to its high level of competition, NEET is regarded as the most demanding entrance test. It can be challenging to achieve success on your first attempt. If you take a year off, you’ll have enough time to comprehend and complete the course. Also, it will invariably raise the likelihood of success which solves the problems of a NEET dropper.

4. Personal or Health-Related Issues

Personal family issues and health problems are also important reasons why some students choose to drop a year. There are some situations in life that we have no control over. These kinds of unpreventable issues can be regarded as one of the problems of NEET dropper for which they decide to drop a year.

5. Aiming for a College

Another problems of NEET dropper is that they focus entirely on taking admission to a specific college that they consider to be their dream college. Many students decide to take a year off to better prepare for admission to their dream college. This is another reason why some people make this choice.

The aforementioned reasons are why many students decide to take a year off to strengthen their preparation. These might be viewed as a few advantages for students of taking a year off. However, there are numerous issues and problems of a NEET dropper skipping a year to prepare for the NEET. Let’s examine the problems of a NEET dropper carefully.



The NEET curriculum is extensive. It is a difficult task and problems of NEET dropper to go through the entire syllabus again. It can become tedious at times, resulting in a lack of interest in studies. Even if a section is well prepared, the students would have to read it again. In most cases, they have to rework on the entire syllabus to make up for a part. This is one of the major problems of NEET dropper which they face after taking the decision of dropping a year.


There is no guarantee that if you take a year off from preparation, you will be able to pass the NEET exam. Even after a year of preparation, your performance may still fall short. Several things influence a good ranking. It is also determined by how seriously the candidates take it.


When discussing problems of NEET dropper, another important factor is it will require considerable time and commitment to prepare for a year. You would have to prepare yourself throughout the entire year. You may become frustrated if you are unable to complete a specific task according to your study schedule. The majority of your family members will oppose your decision to take a year off. You would be on your own to handle the matter. You can become more stressed as a result.


There is a lot of work and attention involved in a year of preparation. You may not have much time to stay in touch with your friends at this time. Because taking a break takes you off track, and your friends may not choose to drop a year others can choose to follow different career routes. This is one of the other problems of the NEET dropper while taking a year off. You’ll be preoccupied with the exam for the entire year. Your friends will follow in their footsteps.


After deciding to take a year off to prepare, the pressure to perform better increases by 1,000 times. It is sometimes impossible to engage in recreational activities in this type of situation. Although taking a break from studies is beneficial to mental health, students avoid engaging in hobbies because they believe it will be a waste of time. They also avoid going to events and family get-togethers. As a result, they are socially inept. It can occasionally lead to depression. This is yet another issue and among the crucial problems of NEET dropper with losing a year.

You now have access to all the information about the problems of the NEET aspirants you need about taking a year off. Consider taking a drop year only if you are willing to put your all into your studies and remain focused until the end. The challenge is in keeping this focus. Repeating the entire syllabus makes the journey more difficult, especially for those who are taking the exam for the second time. The revision also becomes crucial for new applicants. Even though some parts of the syllabus are well prepared, the only option, in this case, is to repeat it all. This takes a long time.

Yet, in the contemporary era, numerous companies are trying to address these problems of NEET dropper by using modern technology. Educlears is one of those companies who are providing a solution to this problem. By providing students with need-based lessons, their main goal is to ease the existing mental pressure they are going through. The interesting thing is they are stressing over the self-study part which is the most important factor of self-evaluation. Aided by Artificial Intelligence technology, Educlears have a system that determines where students have learning gaps and fills those in.

The learners can obtain the exact amount of knowledge without having to completely revise the whole syllabus. We would highly recommend Educlears to those who are really serious and conscious about their performance in the NEET exam. We hope that Educlears would be able to solve the problems of NEET dropper effectively.

If you truly want to make this journey of preparation smoother and stand out in the throng, don’t forget to check their website. https://www.educlears.com/

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on the problems of NEET dropper. Just keep in mind that nothing can stop you if you work hard and are sincere about your goals.


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NEET 2023 PREPARATION – DO’s and Don’ts

On May 7, 2023, the NEET examination for this year will take place. There isn’t any more time for the exam. The NEET exam has a very high degree of competition. Prior to the exam, students could feel overburdened and worried. Every student needs to be aware of a few things before the exams. The specific dos and don’ts for NEET 2023 Preparation will aid them in avoiding errors and correctly guiding them before the tests.

Things to do before the test


A successful preparation starts with setting up a study schedule. Each student should make a schedule for their study, especially when preparing for the NEET 2023 preparation.

One must be familiar with the curriculum before establishing a schedule for studying. Create a study plan based on the curriculum once you are aware of it. You can decide what to read first and what to keep for last. You can plan your study time around when you feel the most energetic.


The NEET 2023 preparation exam syllabus is quite extensive. Students might divide the subject up into parts to make studying easier. The entire syllabus, for instance, can be broken up into manageable chunks. This categorization may be based on the subject’s degree of difficulty and the volume of the chapter. By employing these strategies, students will be able to clearly identify the challenging and relatively simple topics and can begin preparing for them accordingly for NEET 2023 preparation.


A man becomes perfect with practise. The student should maintain practise while considering the competition level for NEET 2023 preparation. Students occasionally overlook prior topics when completing the extensive syllabus. It is imperative to constantly revise them. It may be helpful to solve old papers and take practise exams wherever available, especially for those Mock tests which are flexible and adaptive like EduclearsAi mock test. Just gathering knowledge is insufficient; timely use of those facts is essential through Mock tests which are simulated tests for actual NEET 2023 preparation. The easiest approach to ensuring that you are properly prepared is to practise previous chapters and topics.


Especially for last-minute preparation, generating your own notes is incredibly helpful. There are numerous subjects, principles, and concepts covered in the NEET syllabus. Always make an effort to keep a notebook handy when reading so you can make note of any noteworthy details. You can also list the time-saving strategies you used throughout the preparation. Also, emphasize the key points and the inquiries that have come up repeatedly. Ten times readings are equivalent to one-time writing.

These notes, which you’ve put in your own words, can help you comprehend and remember the material more conveniently while you’re reviewing it. Moreover, there is an online system like Educlears Ai which gives a guideline through its Summary where each Topic and Sub-topics are divided into main points, concepts, etc.  So revising them helps you to browse and revise the whole topic automatically.


Maintaining discipline is a crucial component of preparedness. Try to stick to your own daily study schedule after designing it. Try to complete all tasks or assignments you have set for a specific day on the assigned day. Keeping this kind of discipline would assist you in achieving your goals for NEET 2023 preparation.


It’s crucial to maintain your physical health and composure both before and on the day of the exam. Don’t let anxiety or pressure drive you to waste the several hours of preparation you’ve put in over the past year. Always try to have a positive attitude, because doing so will assist you in reaching your objective for NEET 2023 preparation.

Things to be done a day before the exam

  • Try to visit the exam centre a day prior to the exam. It will give you an idea of the route to avoid any unfavorable situations and reach on time.
  • Keep all necessary items and vital documents close at hand.
  • Don’t forget to get enough rest the night before the test.
  • The most crucial thing is to adhere to the directions and instructions provided for the NEET exam day in 2023 in order to avoid any difficulties.



One of the worst tendencies among students is comparing oneself to others. Each learner is unique, and so is their pace of learning. As a result, one might finish the course material sooner or later than you. So you should focus more attention on your own studies rather than what others are doing for NEET 2023 preparation. Comparing yourself to others might undermine your self-worth and have an adverse effect on your academic performance.


When executing a big plan or goal we have in mind, we all behave in this way. Do not put off your NEET 2023 preparation, even if you have plenty of time before the test starts. The sooner you begin, the better you perform. If you put off doing your task, it will be challenging. The more time you put off preparing, the less driven you are to complete your task.

Choose a time to study for your tests, and stick to it. If doubts are not cleared up immediately away, they may lead to significant problems later on. Any form of confusion or query should be clarified as soon as possible. In this scenario, Educlears Ai is an excellent online preparation tool where Doubts are identified in real time and solved too.


Never put yourself under any pressure. It will only have a negative impact. You should consistently believe in yourself. You are the only one who truly understands your potential. Believe in yourself and know that you can certainly pass the exam and get a good rank. You may act as your own motivator.


Never avoid recreational activities during the period of preparation. Taking a rest in between studies is crucial. It will keep your brain refreshed. It might involve exercising or doing yoga, watching television, reading books, playing any game, or listening to music. You can reduce stress and improve concentration by engaging in leisure activities.

Things not to be done a day before the exam

  • Don’t start anything new right before the exam because that will increase the pressure.
  • Avoid bringing anything that is prohibited into the exam centre because doing so can prevent you from attending the examination.
  • You are not allowed to bring food into the exam room, so refrain from doing so. The exam room will have water available for the candidates.

 We covered all the do’s and don’ts for NEET 2023 preparation in this blog. Every student is advised to heed these instructionsFor NEET 2023 preparation and have confidence in themselves. You’ll undoubtedly succeed in your objectives.


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