Recent years have seen the introduction of Artificial intelligence in ways that we might not even be aware of. Artificial intelligence is something we rely on in almost every aspect of our lives even in education where preparation with Artificial Intelligence is the big buzz word. We are using the term “Artificial intelligence” so many times, but before going into more detail, we should have an idea of what Artificial intelligence is.

Artificial intelligence refers to software that enables computers to function like humans. It is capable of doing tasks that often need human intelligence. The workplace, home, and even the outdoors are all seeing an increase in their use, such as face identification, social media, Google search, digital voice assistance, route mapping, and many more. Now let’s see how it can help students achieve their dreams.

The choice of a proper vocation is crucial for students after board examinations. Even though there are other career paths one might pursue, many people choose to take the JEE and NEET, and successful preparation and passing them on the first try is a difficult task.

Getting a primary education is the initial step of the process of preparation. It could come from coaching, an internet platform, a school, or another source. Exam patterns and material should be properly understood by students. The second and most important thing is preparation. But what does this preparation mean? Does receive a primary education from these sources sufficient to prepare for the NEET and JEE? The answer is no.

Here are some factors that can demonstrate why taking specific classes and attending coaching sessions alone are insufficient for preparation.

  • To learn a chapter, students may attend class or study books. Nonetheless, their understanding is imperfect. Because understanding is not always equal to learning.
  • Doubts are formed during the learning process. Finding answers to those doubts becomes more difficult.
  • Every learner tends to learn and then forget. They simultaneously forget the previous chapters as they learn the new ones. This may prevent you from achieving the desired rank.
  • Thousands of concepts are the foundation of science. A human cannot tell which concepts a learner needs to review or which ones he has adequately prepared. Only with the help of Artificial intelligence, it can be diagnosed.

What is Prepnology (Preparation with Artificial Intelligence Technology) ?

Now the question is, how to use Artificial intelligence to get high ranks in JEE or NEET? Among the 100% of students who appear for the examination, only 5% of seats are available. Even after taking classes from renowned coaching centers students fail to get into that 5%. An educational software company called Educlears Ai is helping students to get into that 5%. The name Ai itself defines the work of the software. Ai means Artificial intelligence. Educlears Ai has been executing the work flawlessly for many years by using the method Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology).

Preparation using technology is known as “prepnology,” more particularly “preparation with Artificial intelligence technology.”

 This Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology) includes two things, remedial self-study and practicing & remembering about 15000-20000 MCQ questions. Remedial self-study helps a student to find out the gap in a study that restricts him/her to get into that 5% of successful students. Educlears Ai with the tool Prepnology(preparation with artificial intelligence technology) helps students to get need-based studies, the exact amount of study which students need. Not more not less.

Educlears Ai claims that their Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology) tracks the student’s progress and can guide them accordingly. One of the most important parts of JEE and NEET preparation is knowing more than 250,000 MCQ answers. Their Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology) has more than 78000 MCQ.

Educlears Ai has used the power of Artificial intelligence technology to identify the forgotten parts of the students’ learning and clears them, which a human cannot do. Just like in medical science, we use the process of scanning. We use it to find a tumor in the human body. Similarly, Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology) is used by their system to identify and overcome any doubts that students may have.

In addition to identifying the areas of knowledge that need to be improved and preparing for them, they also give each student a personalized evaluation report so that they may gauge their progress. What should be concentrated more on, and what is ready and need not be revised again, focuses on that.

Just like how the development of the elevator simplified the process of ascending to the highest floors of multi-story buildings. Similarly, Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology) also makes the journey of a student easier and smoother and saves time. Educlears Ai, with their Prepnology (preparation with artificial intelligence technology) method, claims to give students 100% preparation without 100% revision. These are some crucial components of preparation that coaching cannot offer, but Prepnology can.

So, can we now declare that Prepnology is the new approach to performing well on the JEE and NEET?

The answer will be yours.

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