Have you ever heard the line “Prepnology for NEET and JEE“? Isn’t it a brand-new concept? Particularly the term “Prepnology“? We’re confident that most of you who read this blog have never heard of this. For the majority of you, the phrase “Prepnology for NEET and JEE” appears to be a mystery. Right?

Let’s explain what the term “Prepnology” entails without wasting any time by building any more suspense. Prepnology means preparation with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. The importance of self-learning and diagnosis for NEET and JEE was covered in the previous two blogs, as well as how neglecting self-learning might negatively affect students’ performance on exams. We’ve also covered the excuses students provide for avoiding self-learning. The following are the top three reasons why students avoid doing self-learning: 1. Self-learning is boring 2. The extensive course load and constrained time; and 3. Nobody can demonstrate to the students what they are achieving through self-learning.

In this blog, we will give a solution that will help the students who are preparing for NEET and JEE. We will also show how evaluation and doubt-clearing processes can be done with prepnology for NEET and JEE students.

Many online platforms are available that can be used by NEET and JEE students. But Educlears is a company that truly places a strong emphasis on self-learning. Educlears have developed a novel concept called Prepnology while taking into consideration all the issues that students face during self-learning. Prepnology is the term for preparation using Artificial Intelligence. We believe that Educlears is the source of our first exposure to the phrase “Prepnology.” Now let’s see how the evaluation and doubt-clearing process of Educlears with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students works.


A student chooses a primary education source from which to obtain a fundamental conceptual grasp of a certain topic when they begin to prepare for NEET and JEE. But this is not the only phase in the preparation process. Reading the topics alone is insufficient. To succeed, one must recognize the areas of knowledge that need improvement.

In other words, it’s important to constantly conduct a self-study and pinpoint the areas where you have problems. You can evaluate and diagnose yourself by doing this. And this will let you read according to your needs. But the entire procedure is not that easy.

Two typical issues that mainly affect students are 1. A student cannot fully comprehend what they have been taught in class. A student may still have learning gaps or ambiguities after receiving conceptual information. 2. Another issue is forgetting what you’ve learned. While constantly learning new things, it can be challenging to recall previous subjects.

Educlears use Prepnology for NEET and JEE as part of a unique approach to addressing these two problems. Let’s assume that a learner has finished studying a certain subject through coaching or another learning resource. He or she now wishes to evaluate their comprehension and identify what still needs to be improved. Educlears is the best tool in this case for detecting the student’s issues and giving them the right attention by filling up their knowledge gaps. Students can check each and every aspect of their preparation because Educlears has divided several science subjects into various subtopics and shortened units for this purpose.

A group of questioners will appear in front of the learner after they have chosen the topic they wish to test themselves on. Students will choose their responses from the options provided for each question. There is a time limit. The system will immediately display a report based on performance to the student after they have selected all the answers and submitted their paper. Poor, excellent, good, and other adjectives will be used to describe this report. Artificial intelligence will support this entire process. This is how the first part, which is evaluation, is done with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students.

The next step is to clear up any remaining doubts. To dispel uncertainty, the next step is to clear up any remaining doubts. For every question that was incorrectly answered, a clue will first be provided for doubt clarification. It will be demonstrated that a student understood the concept but was unable to recall it at the time if they are able to identify the correct response using the clue.

If a person could not figure out the right response using the clue, they would be provided with the underlying principle behind the question. If the principle is still insufficient, the system will offer a complete tutorial so that users can review the entire subject from which the question was extracted.

With the help of these three steps: clue, principle, and tutorial, the whole process of doubt clearing is being done. If a student wants to retake the exam, a new set of questions will appear in front of them. And this question will be given at the adaptive level. It means the system will change the level of questions according to the previous performance of the student.

By this, the evaluation will be more scientific. This whole process of evaluation and doubt clearing with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students consumes less time, and students can evaluate themselves every day after primary learning and fill their knowledge gaps.

A student who wishes to do exceptionally well in NEET and JEE can find more than enough practise questions on Educlears, which has 75,000 of them. Additionally, they offer mock exam series for multiple topics as well as concept-based tests to gauge how well students have studied a particular concept. The system has all the concepts in it, which is the base of science. And if a student wants to check how well they are prepared for a particular concept, they can take a test on that also. It will provide them with conceptual clarification. The online system is accessible around the clock, so students can utilize it whenever it suits them.

This is how Educlears is doing evaluation and doubt clearing with Prepnology for NEET and JEE students. By using this new technology called Prepnology for NEET and JEE students, Educlears have opened a new path for preparation. Check out their website https://www.educlears.com/.  The idea of difficult preparation has been transformed into easy preparation with the help of Prepnology for NEET and JEE. Thanks to you for reading this blog. Wishing success to all candidates.


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