Why is doubt clearing for NEET and JEE a big Problem?

Doubt Clearing for NEET and JEE is a big problem. Let’s see the issue from the beginning. Teachers are the person who, through the practice of teaching, assists students in acquiring knowledge, competence, or virtue. They are the best when it comes to primary learning. Primary learning means when we learn a new topic or lesson for the first time.

While learning those topics or lessons there are a few parts that are less understood or not completely clear to the students in the classrooms, these parts create gaps in students’ understanding, which are known to be ‘doubts’. So Doubt Clearing for NEET and JEE becomes important from the beginning of Learning process.

To achieve better results, a student needs to clear their doubts. Teachers teach students in large batches and for teachers, it is impossible to focus on each individual student. This is one of the reasons students are unable to clear their doubts as the teacher’s inability to devote adequate time to each student’s doubts and problems. This is the main reason why Doubt Clearing for NEET and JEE is a problem.

The syllabus of NEET and JEE is huge and simultaneously students also have their board exams, this is why teachers are always in a rush to complete the syllabus. A new topic is taught every day, and students get overburdened, in this process, the doubts get buried. Students realize this while solving numerical problems during their exams, and that’s too late for the students.

There are even various reasons why students are unable to do doubt clearing for NEET and JEE from teachers –

Hesitation to ask the doubts –

Students generally avoid asking their questions because they are shy/bashful or hesitant. Furthermore, they believe that by asking questions, they will be interrupting their teacher, while explaining a concept to the class.

Sometimes students think that by asking a question in class he/she might give the impression that he/ she is lesser than fellow students. So, doubt clearing for NEET and JEE becomes an obvious problem here.

Not paying attention in class –

When a teacher is teaching in class, the students do not pay attention and thus have no idea about their doubts. One of the most common issues with students is not knowing what their doubts are; because they could not pay attention to their teachers for some reason therefore they have no idea what was taught and are unable to identify their doubts about the concepts.

What happens to them when they don’t clear their doubts at the right time?

They will realize the consequences of not asking their teachers questions during exams when they will be unable to learn and remember the concepts because they did not understand them properly. Lack of clarity in concepts will be a barrier throughout the chapter. In exams, not understanding even a basic formula can make a simple question appear difficult.

You may have noticed that a student who is not good at mathematics will always avoid any mathematical question or will become nervous when asked one. This is due to a lack of knowledge in mathematics and a failure to clear their doubts in order to improve in mathematics.

What is the best cure for this problem?

The best cure would be to prepare smartly for NEET and JEE. One of the toughest jobs would be to find out the doubts of the student, and the best process for it is Test-Study-Test.

After coming back from school and coaching it’s best for students to study topics that they have learned on that day. Making this a habit will help them clear their doubts.

Luckily a system is available that does exactly the same.

Attempt tests in the EduClears system from those chapters that they learned in school and coaching today. It is the first step to Doubt Clearing for NEET and JEE.

The system instantly shows the results of the test. The result is minute, it clearly shows the student exactly what he/she has understood. The system even shows small parts from a chapter that would require extra focus. All this is possible with the help of EduClears Ai-based system for NEET and JEE preparation.

Once students know their lacuna, they can study it either from the EduClears system or from the textbooks. After preparing they again need to attempt the test. In this way, they filter out doubts and are prepared well in advance before the exam.

There is a lot more that the EduClears platform offers NEET JEE students, to know more about the beneficial features of EduClears kindly give us a call at 98315-09000 | 98313-02701 or visit us at www.EduClears.com


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