PTP or Parent’s Teaching Platform for NEET and JEE – What is it?

Parent’s Teaching Platform – PTP

Parents play a crucial role in the success of their children who are preparing for exams like NEET and JEE. NEET and JEE are the most challenging entrance exams in India, one is for medical, and the other is for the field of engineering. Seeing their children successful is the dream of every parent. Their support and guidance play an important role for the students who are preparing for these exams. Let’s have a look at how parents play an important role for students in their preparation

1. Emotional support- The JEE and NEET journeys are not simple ones. There are several highs and lows. Students frequently get self-conscious and lose confidence during the preparation process. Family support is really important right now. Their parents’ unwavering support keeps them motivated and provides them with the mental strength they need to accomplish their objectives.

2. Helps students to create a proper study environment- Parents can assist their child in setting up a suitable, distraction-free study space. They enable students to engage in regular study sessions and can control their screen time. Takes responsibility for their physical well-being.

3. Gives financial support – Not only is NEET and JEE preparation difficult, but parents’ financial assistance is also required. Many institutes offer JEE and NEET preparation for students. And these institutes charge fairly substantial course fees. Parents want to provide their children with the finest assistance available to help them prepare for the JEE and NEET exams.

4. Academic guidance – By offering academic guidance, parents can assist their children in other ways as well. Students can talk to their parents about challenging ideas and chapters and get their questions answered. Additionally, parents can mentor their children while choosing a teacher. 

Parents are our first teachers, as we are all aware. And any important exam will be easily passed if they can assist us with our preparation. Parents are the only ones who can truly relate to and mentor their children. Unfortunately, most parents are unable to provide their children with the necessary instruction, even though their role is vital in helping them prepare for these tests.

The reasoning behind this is that parents who have a science background are the only ones who can help their children prepare for exams like NEET and JEE. Furthermore, not every parent has a background in science. Even if they have, they are capable of handling the fundamental scientific ideas. However, students need specialized knowledge for the important sections.

Teaching science also requires the capacity to evaluate students’ comprehension and clarify important ideas.

Parents are uninformed of their child’s preparedness due to this significant issue, even after spending a lot of money on their child’s preparation.  They are forced to rely only on the teachers and institutes. They need to have faith that their child is being appropriately prepared.

There is not even the slightest chance for them to monitor what their child is doing. They need to know these things as parents. Even at big institutions, nobody takes these issues seriously. Do parents have a way to monitor their child’s preparation? That is the current question. Indeed, a solution does exist. The answer lies in Educlears‘ parent’s teaching platform.


For many years, Educlears, an educational software provider, has been assisting students with their preparation. They are renowned for helping students get ready for tests like JEE and NEET by utilizing artificial intelligence technology. For the students, the difficult preparation process has been made easier by Educlears. They offer a variety of preparation resources, such as crash courses, simulated exams, doubt clearing, and doubt finding.

 Educlears is known for consistently coming up with innovative methods to help students prepare themselves for exams. Additionally, they have just unveiled a brand-new resource: their parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE.

The parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE offered by educlears has been specifically created with the need of parent involvement in NEET and JEE preparation in mind.

Being a parent makes you a better teacher because you can better understand your child’s needs. However, the majority of parents are at a loss for options when it comes to helping their children get ready for exams like the NEET and JEE; they are forced to rely on teachers or coaching classes.

In an effort to draw students, the majority of educational institutions make a variety of claims. And since they have no other option, parents must believe them. The majority of parents fail to provide guidance to their children because they lack a foundation in science, and those who have a science background, but may find it difficult to manage their time because of their hectic schedules.

They therefore have no idea how well-prepared they are or what their child is doing in the institute. Their child’s inadequate preparation only becomes apparent to them when they receive the results of the NEET and JEE exams. However, it was too late at that point. Time and money have already been lost However; educlears have developed a fantastic parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE as a preparation tool.

These days, any parent may keep an eye on and assess their child’s readiness with the aid of the parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE. The best part is that they don’t have to invest a lot of time or have a background in science to operate the Parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE.

Parents have easy access to educlears Parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE, where they may set questions for their child on any topic the student has learnt in Coaching or from teachers and obtain their performance report. This performance report is formatted so that parents can quickly assess how their child is studying for examinations such as the JEE and NEET.Educlears parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE helps the parents to :

  1. Evaluate their child.
  2. Gives an idea about students’ preparedness
  3. Helps them to involve themselves in their Child’s preparation
  4. Helps them to keep track of the student
  5. Don’t consume time

For all the parents who are worried about their children’s results on entrance examinations like the NEET and JEE, we believe this will be the best news ever. You may find more specific details about Parent’s teaching Platform for NEET and JEE on their website .

We are all aware of the critical role parents play in their children’s success. We are grateful for the initiative taken by educlears to provide mental support in addition to enabling all parents to participate in their child’s preparation. I hope that a lot of NEET and JEE applicants will find this blog on parent’s teaching platform for NEET and JEE of educlears useful. We thank you for reading.

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