Important Topics and Chapter-wise Marks Weightage for JEE Main 2024

Weightage for JEE Main 2024 – Maths chapters weightage

Weightage for JEE Main 2024
ChaptersNo. of questionsNo. of marksWeightage
Coordinate Geometry52015.9%
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability3129.9%
Integral Calculus3129.9%
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations286.6%
Matrices and Determinants286.6%
Statistics and Probability286.6%
Three Dimensional Geometry286.6%
Vector Algebra286.6%
Sets, Relation and Function143.3%
Permutation and Combination143.3%
Binomial Theorem and its Applications143.3%
Sequences and Series143.3%
Mathematical Reasoning143.3%
Differential Equation143.3%
Statics and Dynamics143.3%
Differential Calculus143.3

Weightage for JEE Main 2024 – Maths important chapters

UnitsImportant Chapters
Sets, Relations and FunctionsUnion of sets, Properties of union intersection of sets, properties of intersections.Subsets, Improper Subset, Proper Subset, IntervalsCardial number of some setsDomain, range of relation
Complex numbers and quadratic equationsComplex numberIota and power of iotaModulus of complex number and its PropertiesConjugate of complex numbers and their propertiesEuler form of complex number
Matrices and DeterminantsMultiplication of 2 matriceMatrices, order of matrices, colum and row matrixTranspose of matrixProperties of multiplication of matrixTranspose conjugate of a matrix and properties
Permutation and CombinationApplication of Permutation-1Permutation as an arrangementDifferent cases of Geomatrical ArrangementsGeometrical PermutationsRank of word
Sequence and seriesArithmetic ProgressionImportant Properties of an AP – Part 1 and Part 2Sum of n terms of an APSequence, Series and Progression 
Binomial theorem and its simple applicationsProperties of Binomial Theorem and Binomial Coefficient – Part 1 & 2Binomial Theorem and Expression of Binomial TheoremProperties of Binomial Theorem and Binomial Coefficient (Part 2)General Term of Binomial ExpansionSome Standard Expansions (Part 2)
Integral CalculusTrigonometric FunctionIntegration as reverse process of DifferentiationIntegration By PartsSome Special IntegrationApplication of Special Integral Formula (Part 1)
Limit , continuity and differentiabilityLimit of Indeterminate Form and Algebraic LimitAlgebra of limitsTrigonometric LimitsLimit of Algebraic FunctionAlgebraic Function of type ‘infinity (∞)
Co-ordinate GeometryDistance between two pointsCoordinate AxesCentroidCentreIncentreSection Formula
Differential EquationsHomogeneous Differential EquationDifferential EquationFormation of Differential Equation and Solutions of a Differential EquationBernoulli’s Equation Linear Differential Equation
3D GeometrySection Formula, Direction Cosines and Direction RatioEquations for a Line in SpaceShortest Distance between Two LinesIntroduction to 3D Coordinate SystemAngle Between Two Lines
VectorMultiplication of vector by a scalarTypes of vectorsDirection ratio and cosinesMultilication of vector and vector joining 2 pointsSection formula
TrigonometryMeasurement of AngleTrigonometric Ratio for Compound Angles (Part One)Trigonometric IdentitiesTrigonometric Ratio for Compound AnglesTrigonometric Functions of Acute Angles
Statistics and ProbabilityMean, Medium and ModeVarianceMean Deviation and Standard DeviationRange
Mathematical ReasoningConverse, Inverse, and ContrapositiveRelation Between Set Notation and Truth TableTruth TableAlgebra of StatementsTautology And Contradiction

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Weightage for JEE Main 2024 – Weightage in Physics

Chapter wise Weightage – Physics (Weightage for JEE Main 2024)
TopicsNumber of QuestionsMarksWeightage
Modern Physics52015.9%
Heat and Thermodynamics3129.9%
Current Electricity3129.9%
Unit, Dimension and Vector143.3%
Laws of Motion143.3%
Work, Energy and Power143.3%
Centre of Mass, Impulse and Momentum143.3%
Simple Harmonic Motion143.3%
Solids and Fluids143.3%
Electromagnetic Induction143.3%

Weightage for JEE Main 2024 – Physics Important Chapters

  Important Chapters (Weightage for JEE Main 2024)
Physics and MeasurementPhysical QuantityPractical UnitsSystem of UnitDimensionFrequency, angular frequency, angular velocity, velocity gradient
Rotational MotionCentre of mass, for solid coneMotion of centre of massTorqueEquation of Linear motion and Rotational Motion
Work, Energy and PowerWork done by variable forceKinetic EnergyNature of Work DonePotential EnergyPotential Energy Curve
Kinetic Theory of GasesGas lawIdeal Gas EquationStates of MatterKinetic energy of ideal gasVarious types of speeds of ideal gasesState of Matter
Properties of Solids and LiquidsSurface energyStokes lawTerminal velocityThermal stress and thermal strainHeatExcess Pressure inside Liquid drop of bubble
Communication SystemsAmplitude ModulationPropagation of Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating currentsFaraday law of InductionMagnetic FluxEMFAC voltage applied to an inductor
Experimental SkillsCompare the emf of 2 primary cells using potentiometerMeasure the thickness of the given sheet using the screw gauge meterFind resistance of a galvanometer by half-deflection method To compare emf of two given primary cells using potentiometerTo measure the diameter of small spherical cylindrical body using Vernier Callipers

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Weightage for JEE Main 2024 – Chemistry Chapter-wise weightage

Weightage for JEE Main 2024
  Numbers of QuestionsNumbers of MarksWeightage
Transition Elements and Coordinate Geometry3129.9%
Periodic Table and Representative Elements3129.9%
Thermodynamics and Gaseous State286.6%
Atomic Structure286.6%
Chemical Bonding286.6%
Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium286.6%
Solid-State and Surface Chemistry286.6%
Nuclear Chemistry and Environment286.6%
Mole Concept143.3%
Redox Reaction143.3%
Chemical Kinetics143.3%
Solution and Colligative Properties143.3%
General Organic Chemistry143.3%
Alkyl Halides143.3%
Carboxylic Acid and its derivatives143.3%
Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, and Polymers143.3%
Aromatic Compounds143.3%

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Weightage for JEE Main 2024 – Important Chapter in Chemistry

UnitsImportant Chapters (Weightage for JEE Main 2024)
Some basic concepts in chemistryMole concepts and molar mass, Empirical Formula, Molecular Formula, Reaction in Solutions, Stoichiometry, Stoichiometric Calculations And Limiting Reagent
Atomic StructureLine spectrum of hydrogen, Photoelectric effect, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Debroglie wave, length, Radius, velocity and the energy of nth Bohr orbital
States of MatterIntermolecular Forces, Ideal gas equations, Gas laws, Intermolecular Forces, Graham’s Law of Diffusion, Dalton’s Law
Redox Reaction and ElectrochemistryOxidation Number, Oxidation State, Balancing of Redox Reaction: Ion Electrode Method, Types of Redox Reactions, Balancing of Disproportionation Redox Reaction: Ion Electrode Method
Chemical ThermodynamicsFirst Law Or Law Of Conservation Of Energy,Path, State Function, Types Of Process, Isothermal Reversible And Isothermal Irreversible, Adiabatic Reversible And Irreversible Expansion
S-block elementsChemical Properties of Alkali Metals 1&2Halides of Alkali Metals, Sodium Chloride and Sodium Hydroxide, Anomalous Behaviour of Lithium
d and f block elementsAtomic Size/Radii, Ionisation Energy, Oxidation State, Magnetic Properties and Character, Screening Effect and Lanthanoid Contraction
Co-ordination CompundsTerminologies Related to Coordination Compounds, Types of Ligands – 1Coordination Number, Addition Compounds of Molecular Compounds, Oxidation Number
General Principle and process of Isolation of metalsConversion of ore into oxide – Calcination and Roasting, Electrolytic Refining, Froth Floatation Process, Leaching: Chemical Method, Vapour Phase Refining
Some Basic Principles of Organic ChemistryCarbocations, Carbanions, Functional Group, IUPAC Nomenclature – 1Alkyl, Free Radicals
Purification and Characterisation of Organic CompoundsTest for Halogens, Duma’s Method, Distillation under reduced pressure and Steam distillation, Chromatography, Sublimation and Crystallisation
Organic Compounds containing OxygenReduction by LiAlH4 and NaBH4, Acylation and Oxidation of Alcohols, Reaction of Phenols with dil. HNO3Grignard Reagent – 1
Organic Compounds containing HalogensNature of C-X bond and Physical Properties, Reaction with PCl5, PCl3, SOCl2 and HX, Strong and Weak bases, SN2 Reaction, SN1 Reaction
Principles Related to Practical ChemistryAnalysis of Cations, Preliminary Test with Dilute Sulphuric Acid
Chemistry in Everyday lifeAntibiotics, Analgesics, Preservatives
Classification of Elements and Periodic tableLimitations of The Octet Rule, Bond Parameters: length, angle, energy, strength, Lewis Representation of Simple Molecules (Lewis Structure), Fazan’s Rule and Covalent Character in Ionic Bond, p?-p? and p?-d? bonding
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureVariation of Atomic Radii and ionic radii, Ionisation Enthalpy or Ionisation Potential, Classification of Elements : s-block, Atomic Radius of Elements, Long form of Modern periodic table

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JEE 2024: Cutoffs and Passing Marks, Previous Year Cutoffs

IIT Madras has released the initial JEE Advanced 2024 cutoff percentage. The final JEE Advanced cutoffs will be released with the result. However, candidates can check the category-wise qualifying cutoffs below on this page for the previous years. In the year 2023, there has been a rise in the cutoff marks and cutoff percentage.

JEE Advanced cutoff implies the minimum percentage of marks that aspirants need to acquire for inclusion in JEE Advanced rank list. Only candidates who will score the minimum prescribed marks in each subject and aggregate will be included in the rank list. These marks will determine a candidate’s admission to the premier IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology).

JEE Main Cutoff 2024

JEE Main Cutoffs 2023

Candidates can check the JEE Main minimum passing marks for the year 2023

CategoryMinimum Percentile CutoffMaximum Percentile CutoffTotal
UR-ALL (General)90.778864210098612
UR-PH (General – PwD)0.001352790.76380322685
ST-ALL37.2348772 90.7773597 18752

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JEE Main 2024 Exam Center List State Wise

Every examination year, NTA releases a comprehensive list of JEE Main 2024 Exam centre list for both Indian States and Outside India. As per the recent updates, NTA has selected 501 cities in India and 13 cities abroad to conduct JEE Main 2024 Exam.

The allocation of the JEE Main 2024 Exam centre list is based on preferences filled by the candidate during the JEE Main 2024 Exam Application Process. The Candidates are asked to select 4 exam centres as per their current address and feasibility. Accordingly, NTA will allocate the JEE Main 2024 Exam centre list for those candidates who have successfully completed their application forms and will receive their Centre details in their JEE Main 2024 Exam Admit Card.



JEE Main 2024 Exam Center – New Centres

NTA has not added any new exam centres for the conduct of JEE Main 2024 examinations. Kargil (Ladakh), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Anuja/ Lagos (Nigeria) are three new centres freshly added by NTA during the time of Covid-19, that exists till now also. There are few JEE Main 2024 exam centres that are omitted from the list. Few centres for JEE Main 2024 exam that are not present in the city list are Daman and Diu, Karaikal, Udhampur, Kathuka etc. Well, the applicants cannot request any change to their exam centres after the JEE Main admit card has been issued.

To get a complete overview of JEE Main 2024 Exam click here: JEE Main 2024 Exam Complete Information

JEE Main 2024 Exam Centres in India

State / CountryCityCity Code
Andaman and Nicobar IslandPort BlairAN01
Andhra PradeshAmalapuramAP35
Andhra PradeshAnantapurAP01
Andhra PradeshBobbiliAP36
Andhra PradeshChiralaAP04
Andhra PradeshChittoorAP05
Andhra PradeshEluruAP06
Andhra PradeshGootyAP37
Andhra PradeshGudlavalleruAP38
Andhra PradeshGunturAP07
Andhra PradeshKadapaAP08
Andhra PradeshKakinadaAP09
Andhra PradeshKurnoolAP10
Andhra PradeshMadanapalleAP39
Andhra PradeshMarkapurAP40
Andhra PradeshNandyalAP29
Andhra PradeshNelloreAP11
Andhra PradeshOngoleAP12
Andhra PradeshPapum PareAL02
Andhra PradeshProddaturAP21
Andhra PradeshPuttaparthiAP41
Andhra PradeshPuttur APAP42
Andhra PradeshRajahmundryAP13
Andhra PradeshSrikakulamAP14
Andhra PradeshTadpatriAP43
Andhra PradeshTirupathiAP16
Andhra PradeshTiruvuruAP44
Andhra PradeshVijayawadaAP17
Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamAP18
Andhra PradeshVizianagaramAP19
Arunachal PradeshItanagar/NaharlagunAL01
AssamLakhimpur ASAM07
AssamSilchar (Assam)AM04
ChhattisgarhBhilai Nagar/DurgCG01
Dadra and Nagar HaveliSilvassaDN01
Delhi/New DelhiDelhi/New DelhiDL01
Himachal PradeshBilaspur (Himachal Pradesh)HP15
Himachal PradeshHamirpur (Himachal Pradesh)HP03
Himachal PradeshKangraHP16
Himachal PradeshKulluHP10
Himachal PradeshMandiHP08
Himachal PradeshShimlaHP06
Himachal PradeshSolanHP17
Himachal PradeshUnaHP09
Jammu and KashmirAnantnagJK05
Jammu and KashmirBaramullaJK01
Jammu and KashmirBudgamJK11
Jammu and KashmirJammuJK02
Jammu and KashmirPulwamaJK06
Jammu and KashmirSambaJK12
Jammu and KashmirSrinagar(J & K)JK04
KarnatakaBengaluru- UrbanKK20
Madhya PradeshBalaghatMP01
Madhya PradeshBhopalMP03
Madhya PradeshGwaliorMP06
Madhya PradeshIndoreMP07
Madhya PradeshJabalpurMP08
Madhya PradeshKhandwaMP29
Madhya PradeshSagarMP12
Madhya PradeshSatnaMP13
Madhya PradeshUjjainMP15
MaharashtraAurangabad (Maharashtra)MR04
MaharashtraMumbai/Navi MumbaiMR16
OdishaBalasore (Baleswar)OR02
OdishaBerhampur / GanjamOR03
OdishaJeypore (Odisha)OR19
OdishaParalakhemundi (Gajapati)OR24
OdishaPhulbani (Kandhamal)OR25
PunjabPatiala/Fatehgarh SahibPB08
PunjabSahibzada Ajit Singh NagarPB12
Tamil NaduChennaiTN01
Tamil NaduCoimbatoreTN02
Tamil NaduCuddaloreTN03
Tamil NaduCoonoorTN36
Tamil NaduDharmapuriTN26
Tamil NaduDindigulTN27
Tamil NaduErodeTN28
Tamil NaduKanchipuramTN05
Tamil NaduKanyakumari/NagercoilTN06
Tamil NaduKarurTN29
Tamil NaduKrishnagiriTN21
Tamil NaduKallakurichiTN37
Tamil NaduMaduraiTN08
Tamil NaduNagapattinamTN30
Tamil NaduNamakkalTN10
Tamil NaduPudukkottaiTN31
Tamil NaduRamanathapuramTN32
Tamil NaduSalemTN11
Tamil NaduSivagangaTN33
Tamil NaduThanjavurTN12
Tamil NaduThoothukudiTN13
Tamil NaduTiruchirappalliTN14
Tamil NaduTirunelveliTN15
Tamil NaduTiruppurTN22
Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiTN35
Tamil NaduVelloreTN18
Tamil NaduViluppuramTN23
Tamil NaduVirudhunagarTN20
Uttar PradeshGhaziabadUP07
Uttar PradeshMeerutUP14
Uttar PradeshNoida/Greater NoidaUP09
Uttar PradeshAgraUP01
Uttar PradeshAligarhUP02
Uttar PradeshAllahabad/PrayagrajUP03
Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarUP25
Uttar PradeshAzamgarhUP19
Uttar PradeshBalliaUP20
Uttar PradeshBareillyUP04
Uttar PradeshBijnorUP21
Uttar PradeshBulandshahrUP29
Uttar PradeshBastiUP59GJ32
Uttar PradeshChandauliUP41
Uttar PradeshFaizabadUP06
Uttar PradeshFirozabadUP22
Uttar PradeshGhazipurUP23
Uttar PradeshGorakhpurUP08
Uttar PradeshJhansiUP10
Uttar PradeshKanpurUP11
Uttar PradeshLucknowUP12
Uttar PradeshMathuraUP13
Uttar PradeshMauUP35
Uttar PradeshMoradabadUP15
Uttar PradeshMuzaffarnagarUP16
Uttar PradeshRampurUP58
Uttar PradeshSaharanpurUP38
Uttar PradeshSitapurUP17
Uttar PradeshSultanpurUP40
Uttar PradeshVaranasiUP18
Uttar PradeshPratapgarhUP43
UttarakhandPauri GarhwalUK08
West BengalAsansolWB01
West BengalBankuraWB16
West BengalBurdwan(Bardhaman)WB02
West BengalDurgapurWB04
West BengalHooghlyWB06
West BengalHowrahWB07
West BengalKalyaniWB08
West BengalKolkataWB10
West BengalSiliguriWB11
West BengalSuriWB22

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JEE Main 2024 Exam Centres in Abroad

State / CountryCityCity Code
Sri LankaColomboZZ02
Saudi ArabiaRiyadhZZ07
KuwaitKuwait CityZZ10
MalaysiaKuala LumpurZZ11
Hong KongHong KongZZ19
MauritiusPort LuisZZ20
South AfricaCape TownZZ22
USAWashington D.C.ZZ24

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JEE Main 2024: Application Form Filling Process and Registration

JEE Main 2024 Application Form Filling Process

The JEE Main application form process 2024 is released by the National Testing Agency (NTA), and candidates must visit the official website to download and fill out the form. For 2024, the JEE Main application form should be filled in two stages, as the entrance exam will be conducted in 2 sessions, i.e., the first session in January and the second session in April.

For the first session of  JEE Main  2024, the registration process to be updated. Candidates must strictly follow the deadline for filling out the online application form as mentioned in the official notification, as the exam authority will not entertain requests after submission. The details for the rest of the sessions are provided below.

To Check JEE Main 2024 Eligibility Visit: JEE Main 2024 Complete Information

What’s new in JEE Main 2024 Registration?

The NTA has introduced a new change in JEE Main 2024 application form process. In the JEE Main 2024 registration process, NTA has introduced the option to select a preferred registration mode. Candidates can register by using any one among Aadhar Enrollment Number, PAN, Passport number or ABC ID (Academic Bank of Credit ID). 

Documents Required for JEE Main 2024 Application Form Process?

Candidates should have the following documents with them when filling out the form

  • Class 10 and 12 certificates
  • Category certificates (if applicable)
  • Credit/Debit Card or Internet banking details for payment of JEE Mains form fees
  • Scanned image of passport-size colour photo and signature

How to fill JEE Main application form process 2024?

The JEE Main application form process 2024 can be filled by following the steps given below:

  • Visit the JEE Main official website
  • Select the preferred mode of registration
  • Fill in the required details and create a password of your choice to register for the exam.
  • After registration, candidates will receive details of JEE Main Registration number and password in their mobile number and email ID. Candidates need to log in using their credentials to fill out the JEE Main application form process 2024
  • Fill essential details
  • Upload documents
  • Pay the JEE Mains exam fee
  • Book your slots for the exam
  • Take a printout of the acknowledgment page to complete the application submission process. 

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JEE Main Registration

The link to JEE Main registration page is usually available as soon as the registration window gets activated on the official website ( of the JEE Main. On the registration page of JEE Main, the following details of the applicant must be entered carefully:

Nationality, Identification Type, State, Name of the Student, Date of Birth and Gender of the Applicant. After filling in all the above-mentioned details, enter the security pin and click on the submit button.

Another important step to note here is, during the registration for the online application form, candidates have to note down the system-generated application number. Then, the candidate should also create a PASSWORD and choose Security Question, and enter their desired answer.

After the successful submission of the personal details, an application number is generated, and it will be used to complete the remaining steps of the application form. It will also be required for all future reference/correspondence. This application number will also be used/referred for both sessions of JEE Main 2024. For subsequent logins, the candidate will be able to log in directly with the respective system-generated application number and created password.

For JEE Main 2024 Smart Artificial Intelligence Based Preparation Visit: JEE Main 2024 Ultimate Preparation

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Educlears 49 Days Challenge To Crack JEE Main 2024

49 Days Challenge To Crack JEE Main 2024

The last moment preparation is a very important part of any competitive exam and it might become one of the deciding factors to be successful. JEE Main syllabus is huge and it requires strategic planning to complete it systematically before the actual exam. Educlears has developed a 49 Day Challenge to crack JEE Main 2024 where students are able to pinpoint the precise amount of the knowledge gap and
offer a solution. What is wrong with preparing the entire syllabus, some individuals may wonder?

Click here for the complete guideline about JEE Main 2024: JEE Main 2024 Complete Information

It takes a lot of effort and focus to prepare for the entire course. It will be equivalent to plastering the entire body over a little fracture. The science syllabus comprises several disciplines, topics, subtopics, and chapter concepts. It is the hardest problem to examine and study the knowledge gaps buried inside the brain. Systematic syllabus filtering is the answer.

Check: Best Online Resources for JEE Main Preparation

Educlears can handle this task with the 49 Days Challenge to crack JEE Main 2024 using artificial intelligence technology.  Educlears can perform the task of identification through a chain of evaluation tests. In their 49 Days Challenge to Crack JEE Main 2024, there are questions on each subject in depth. All topics are covered within it. With each test, the system will identify the student’s doubts topic and sub-topic wise and resolve them. This filtration will continue until all the gaps are identified and reported.

After the process of filtering every doubt, the system will start the doubt-clearing and remedial process. How is this doubt-clearing process being done? After filtering the doubts, there will be an option called doubt clearing. As soon as a student clicks on the “doubt clearing” button, the system will research relevant topics related to the question. By reading those, students can clarify their ideas about a particular topic.

Students won’t have to go through books, topics, and chapters or wait for their teacher to come and explain. With the help of this 49 Days Challenge to crack JEE Main 2024, a student can resolve their doubt instantly.  Educlears use their iteration process to help students recall previously forgotten chapters. It helps to revisit the past chapter and keep the memory afresh, which makes a student always prepared for the test.

Having 15,000 MCQ answers on hand is another component of preparation. Only by completing 200 to 300 MCQs per day would a student be able to achieve this. Their built-in programme assesses a student’s performance while eliminating unclear information and overlooked topics. This is how the 49 Days Challenge to crack JEE Main 2024

from  Educlears may be employed as a tool for last-minute preparation.  Check their website for more details. In this blog, we tried to cover the 49 Days Challenge to crack JEE Main 2024 for the last-minute strategies and preparation for Jee Main 2024.  We hope it will help students to plan their strategies and preparation for JEE Main 2024.

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Best Online Resources for JEE Main Preparation

Preparing for the JEE Main exam requires thorough, dedicated, and systematic study. With the advancements in technology, there are now several online resources available that can help students in their preparation.

Here are some of the best online resources for JEE Main preparation:


Educlears Prepnology (Preparation with Artificial Intelligence), a proprietary preparation technology that interfaced with its own high-quality study materials. The entire process is also integrated with by artificial intelligence technology.

Basically Prepnology works with unique probing and diagnostic methods followed by searching to find the appropriate doubt and concept-clearing tutorials and examples to fill up the knowledge gaps instantly. Prepnology platform offers all the supplementary learning and preparation requirements that human teaching classes cannot offer. Students do not need to look for any other preparation assistance after coaching education when they have Educlears Prepnology as it provides a 360 ° holistic assessment and remedial way of preparation.

Check out How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost JEE Main Preparation 2024

Online Coaching

There are various reputable online coaching institutes that provide comprehensive JEE Main courses. These courses include live classes, recorded lectures, study materials, and doubt-solving sessions. They also offer regular mock tests to assess the student’s progress. Some popular online coaching platforms include Vedantu, Embibe, EduRev, Extramarks, Toprr, Physicswallah, Etutor, Allen Online, and Aakash iTutor.

National Testing Agency (NTA) Website

The official website of NTA ( is an essential resource for JEE Main aspirants. It provides detailed information about the exam, including the syllabus, exam pattern, important dates, and eligibility criteria. Students can also access previous year’s question papers and answer keys to practice and analyze their performance.

For a complete idea about JEE Main 2024 visit: JEE 2024 Complete Information

YouTube Channels

YouTube is a treasure trove of educational content, and there are numerous channels dedicated to JEE Main preparation. Some popular channels include Unacademy JEE, Physics Wallah, Mathematics by GB Sir, Khan Academy, and Embibe. These channels offer free video lectures, problem-solving sessions, and tips and tricks to crack the exam.

Online Study Materials

Several websites provide free tutorials, notes, and practice tests for JEE Main preparation. Websites like Unacademy, Khan Academy,  Embibe, etc offer a vast collection of study materials covering all the subjects. These materials are qualitative and provide in-depth explanations of concepts.

Online Mock Tests

Taking online mock tests is crucial for JEE Main preparation. They help in evaluating the student’s knowledge, identifying weak areas, and improving time management skills. Websites like Educlears, Aakash Byjus, Unacademy, Extramarks, and Toppr offer a wide range of JEE Main mock tests that simulate the actual exam environment.

In conclusion, the JEE Main exam is highly competitive, and utilizing online resources can act as a catalyst to speed up the preparation process effectively. Students should choose the resources that suit their learning style and make the most of them to enhance their chances of success in the exam.

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JEE main 2024 is knocking on the door. Each aspirant is trying hard to give the best performance. In this blog, we will try to share some important information about JEE main 2024. Before that let’s have some idea about JEE exams. Candidates must successfully complete the JEE Main (Joint Entrance Examination Main) in order to get admitted to various engineering institutes around the country. The entryway to the esteemed IITs, NITs, and Centrally Sponsored Technical Institutions is the JEE Advanced, one of the toughest entrance tests in the nation. JEE was split into two phases: JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Read more about JEE Main 2024: JEE Main 2024 Complete Information

Read more about JEE Advanced 2024: JEE Advanced 2024 Complete Information

Many NITs, as well as other government and private institutions around the nation, held JEE Main in order to gain admission into the BE or B.Tech program. For admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), JEE Advanced is required.

In an effort to get into the engineering college of their dreams, thousands of students sign up for and take this exam each year. Every year, thousands of students register for and take this exam in an attempt to gain admission to the engineering colleges of their dreams.

Each student who is preparing for JEE Main 2024 should be aware of some information like the exam date syllabus, eligibility, etc. In this blog, we will discuss these things and also we will try to share some pre-examination tips with the students for JEE 2024 which will help them to be successful.


AGE LIMIT – There is no minimum age requirement for candidates to appear in the JEE (Main) – 2024. Regardless of age, applicants who passed the class 12 or equivalent exam in 2022, 2023, or who are appearing in 2024 may take the JEE (Main) – 2024 test. But they may need to meet the age requirements of the institute or institutes that they wish to apply to.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION – Final 10+2 test administered by any approved Central/State Board, e.g., Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi; Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi; etc.

Candidates must have received at least 75% in the Class 12 exam in order to be eligible for admission to NITs, IIITs, and other CFTIs.

SUBJECTS REQUIRED– In five subjects Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology/Technical Vocational Subject, and Any Other Subject—the candidates had to have been qualified.


OccurrenceTentative Dates
 January SessionApril Session
Online Submission of Application Form01 November 2023 to 30 November 2023 (up to 09:00 P.M.)02 February 2024 to 02 March 2024 (up to 09:00 P.M.)
Last date for successful transaction of prescribed Application Fee30 November 2023 (up to 11:50 P.M.)02 March 2024 (up to 11:50 P.M.)
Announcement of the City of ExaminationBy the second week of January 2024By the third week of March 2024
Downloading Admit Cards from the NTA website03 days before the actual date of the Examination03 days before the actual date of the Examination
Dates of ExaminationJanuary 24 to February 1April 1 to April 15
Display of Answer keyTo be displayed on the NTA websiteTo be displayed on the NTA website
Declaration of Result12 February 202425 April 2024 


It is imperative that students aspiring to be engineers are aware of and download the Math, Physics, and Chemistry syllabus of the JEE Main syllabus for 2024.

Get the JEE Main 2024 Syllabus here.


1.  Get the proper knowledge of the exam its pattern and syllabus.

2. Make a study schedule that is suitable for you and follow it regularly.

3. Find out small doubts regularly from whatever you learn and try to clear them.

4. Try to make your base strong by preparing each concept.

5. Revise regularly to cover up the forgotten areas.

6. Practice as much as you can.

7. Maintain a balance between physical health and mental health

8. Don’t forget to take proper rest. It is very important for your brain to function properly

Hope this blog will help student to get the necessary information about JEE MAIN 2024. All the best for  JEE Main 2024.


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Smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE | How much time does it take to prepare for NEET and JEE?

We all know that NEET and JEE preparation is challenging, and we also know that you are not less than anyone else and you can do it. Students often ask how much time does it take to prepare? Here is the Smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE.

Cracking NEET, JEE Mains and Advanced does not happen in a matter of days or months; it takes consistent effort over the course of two years. If a student is focused and diligent in their studies, revising concepts on a daily basis, and answering questions on each topic, they will almost certainly succeed on the first try.

Each and every student is different and understands differently so there are no hard and fast rules regarding study hours; some students need to study for 2 hours, while others study for 4 hours. No one could tell how much time would it take to prepare for NEET and JEE. The most important thing a student should remember is to immerse themselves completely in their studies.

Another deciding factor would be the board exams, as students will equally have to prepare for their boards which would consume quite some time from their daily routine. The boards would take place just 2-3 months before the NEET and JEE exams. That is Smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE is required.

As there will be a lot to study and practice the best way is to find a smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE which would definitely help you save time and the whole process of preparing for NEET and
JEE would be a lot easier.

What is the smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE?

The smart way of preparation for NEET and JEE is of course EduClears Artificial Intelligence aided doubt clearing system.

The solution is to find and fix; first, you must identify specific learning gaps using a test. EduClears Doubt Clearing System does exactly the same.

Second, you must immediately complete the gaps by studying those specific parts. Finally, you must retake the test to determine whether the gaps have been adequately filled. EduClears can assist you in identifying gaps and providing you with self-study materials to fill those gaps which is an integral part of smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE.

One of the most important issues of preparing is learning and forgetting, it is a common occurrence. You can learn through a range of sources, including schools, coaching, and even online platforms. Are you able to grasp or remember everything you learn? Most of the students will say, no. What is the best solution to the problem of learning and forgetting that EduClears has? The Iteration Technology of EduClears is a very smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE which continuously monitors a student like a guide and guides them to the appropriate path which is specific to a particular student.

It identifies areas of your curriculum that are either poorly understood or completely forgotten and suggests to students from time to time what should be their priorities of study.

EduClears also provides periodic reports and representations on various parameters which helps them understand the status of their NEET and JEE preparation. All the activities in the EduClears system are taken into account while preparing this report. While using the EduClears system students go through various types of tests i.e. short tests or mock tests etc. results of which are also included in the infographic report.

The report is represented in such a way that it would even help you focus more on your doubts and helps students to understand how are they performing on a particular topic, chapter, or subject, and the time they spend on each subject.

Seeing this report will give students an additional mental boost, confidence, and clarity of their preparation as the reports are updated in real-time and they will definitely be able to secure high ranks.

Now if you like the EduClears smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE, give us a call at +91-98315-09000, or visit us at to know more.

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Is NCERT Enough For JEE Main Preparation?

JEE aspirants often wonder is NCERT enough to rank high in NEET, JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

There is no specific answer to this question.

While preparing for JEE mains, students often wonder if NCERT is enough for the preparations. While these books are excellent for laying down the foundation and helping you master the basics, they might not be enough to crack such a competitive, high-intensity examination.

When studying for one of the most challenging exams in the country, it is essential for the student to have a firm grasp of the topics included in the syllabus. The syllabus for JEE Mains is extensive, and it is essential to cover the whole syllabus. You must select the NCERT since only this book can help you lay the necessary foundation. You will comprehend the reasoning behind the subjects included in your curriculum. Whatever topic you are studying, you must first complete the NCERT.

Is NCERT enough? EduClears Continuous Boosting for NEET & JEE with NCERT is the only solution

NCERT is undoubtedly one of the finest and the first step towards NEET and JEE preparation, but with increased competition, aspirants need an extra edge, and EduClears constant boosting system mixed with Artificial Intelligence provides that edge for NEET and JEE aspirants.

Every coaching lesson teaches a new chapter and a new topic, are you able to grasp all that is taught to you?

Every learner is unique, understands things differently, and has his or her own capability. On the other hand, it is hard for the teachers to individually understand the doubts leave alone to answer those doubts among a batch of 40 students.

In this way, doubts of a student has keeps stacking up day after day and are forgotten as they study new things every day, and as a result, students inadvertently develop gaps and lacunas in their learning which increases at a fast pace when learning advances.

Remedial learning is the sole hidden strategy and the solution to this problem that can take you to your goal and you can achieve a high rank. 

Many students ask is NCERT enough? EduClears Remedial Learning is the smartest way. What is Remedial Learning? 

Students and aspirants learn from many sources and unknowingly develop gaps; in EduClears Remedial Method of learning, where gaps are first identified with the use of an exam. Following the exam, your report is reviewed in such a way that your learning gaps are highlighted.

Now that you’ve identified your specific learning gaps, study and learn those sections and retake the exam to evaluate how far you’ve progressed. Here, the interesting part is that when the student is retesting himself the Artificial Intelligence system gives a different set of question to analyze the actual advancement of the student’s performance.

Repeat this process until you appear for NEET or JEE entrance exam.

Educlears continuous preparation boosting system, with the help of our Artificial Intelligence technology and Remedial Learning, the software finds the gap between students individually and specifically; the software even finds out the exact part of the topic where the student has forgotten or has learning gaps through its own proprietary technology. After finding out the knowledge deficiencies, Educlears immediately teach you that specific part from its vast tutorial database for completing your preparation. In this way the learning is targeted and specific.

Adding EduClears with your NCERT is the best possible way to prepare and getting a high rank for NEET and JEE.

For any other queries call us at 98315-09000 or visit us at

Good Luck, with NEET and JEE.


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Tips for JEE Droppers to Prepare from Home

The secret to success is a “Don’t Give Up” mindset. JEE droppers are really praised for their courage. There were very few aspirants to take on the challenge. Always keep in mind that there is a second chance; instead of giving up. It is never too late to begin studying for the JEE when there are important tips for JEE Droppers to prepare from home.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

Don’t make the same mistakes you made previously. You must study the basics, go over them again, and follow the appropriate strategy if you want to do well in JEE Main and Advanced. Whatever challenges you face while preparing for the JEE, be positive and confident in yourself! This blog will focus on Tips for JEE Droppers from Home and help you conquer the JEE Mains and Advanced. 

Firstly let’s discuss the advantages you have as JEE Dropper

Droppers in this attempt just need to focus on JEE preparation, with no worry regarding board exam preparation.

They will have adequate time to prepare this time because they would not have to dedicate daily hours to school.

As they have already covered the syllabus once it’s a benefit, as they have a solid grasp of the syllabus.

As they have already appeared for the examination, they are completely aware of the examination pattern, and examination hall environment.

Droppers have the scope to be aware of their own weaknesses and strengths, allowing them to manage their time more effectively.

So this time all you need to do is you need to focus completely on your syllabus, practice, and practice followed by mock tests to understand where you lack and remediate them for better understanding.

The most important thing for a dropper is that they give the exam at least one time. So they know the syllabus very well. They don’t need to complete the whole syllabus. They only need to complete some specific chapters or tropics where they face difficulty.

EduClears Tips for JEE Droppers to Prepare from Home

Proper Schedule and Study Hours

Make a schedule, juggling the subjects is not an option for you, and doing this will lead to wastage of your precious time. therefore, it is recommended that the students should prepare a proper schedule at the beginning of the preparation. A good timetable should be created initially, with equal time allotted to each subject.

EduClears Semester Crash Courses (SCC) have a pre-designed schedule that covers all the subjects and in it covers all chapters, topics, and units.

EduClears Mock tests and Revision

Revision is a significant aspect of determining success rates. When it comes to exams, the revision allows students to take their preparation to the next level. It is recommended that students prepare JEE mock examinations and previous year’s question papers.

EduClears Mock test feature using which you will properly understand the paper’s format. The EduClears mock test is a simulation of the actual examination. The system offers you questions that are categorized into easy, medium, and difficult levels. Practice questions according to your preparation status.  Your exam anxiety will lessen with each practice test as you gain the necessary exam temperament and get ll the doubt clearing after the exam so that the deficiency of knowledge is immediately filled up. Practicing regularly is the only key to success.

Clarify your concepts using NCERT or EduClears System

Given that NCERT books constitute the backbone of JEE, it is essential to properly study them in order to establish a solid conceptual and theoretical foundation. Strong comprehension of NCERT texts is required for JEE preparation. Start studying extra reference resources once you’ve finished reading these textbooks.

EduClears system also has a huge number of study materials that you can use for studying. EduClears system also has all the Concepts which are divided in 3 components namely Principles, Laws, and Equations.This will help you in innumerable ways as you will not have to search the Concepts through pages of your text fat books. Secondly, you can evaluate yourself for each individual Concepts by answering the questions related to each Laws, Equations and Principles, see the preparation status and do the instant Doubt Clearing.

Recognize the latest exam format

Though they have appeared for JEE recently NTA keeps changing the syllabus and the exam format, you would find the latest update on the NTA JEE website and also the EduClears JEE page. Since the JEE is given twice a year, it would be wise to prepare for the new test format.

Stay Healthy

The preparation time spans over one year and a lot of topics are required to be brushed up during this time, because of which students find it difficult to dedicate time to recreational activities and sleep. 

Last but not least

Dropouts have a greater chance of doing well in the JEE since they have some familiarity with the actual test paper and have expanded their preparation time so they may study the entire curriculum without worrying about school exams or other forms of preparation. Dropouts will thus have a strong chance of achieving high marks and gaining better rankings in the next IIT JEE examinations if they pay close attention to details, complete the course in a proper manner, and practice and revise for the exam.

If you have any other queries about tips for JEE droppers from home, you can ask us at 9831509000

We sincerely hope that you find this blog post on JEE crucial and useful. EduClears is always there to provide you with the Ultimate Booster dose for your JEE exams with EduClears unique Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Wishing you good luck with your JEE exams,


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How to Handle Stress and Anxiety before JEE Main?

One of the toughest engineering entrance tests is the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). It’s taken by some of the nation’s greatest young minds, and ranking high in it is no simple task, though it’s not impossible.

Since students are working so hard to prepare for the JEE Main exams, it is only normal that they would experience pressure, which may lead to anxiety and stress.

Things everyone will tell you about how to handle stress and anxiety before JEE Main

Time Management

When you have restless nights worrying about whether or not you will be able to finish the exam paper on time, the tension is at its highest. But stop worrying now! You may improve your time management abilities by using some practical methods. Start with reading the question paper, while reading the question paper mark the questions that are easy for you to attempt. Try to attempt and revise the easy ones first and then attempt the questions that you feel are hard for you.

Attempt Mock Tests

You will get a better understanding of the actual JEE Main question paper the more mock examinations you attempt. Not only will you gain self-assurance, but you’ll also gain awareness of your weaknesses and be able to address them.

We would suggest you attempt the EduClears Mock Test before JEE Main to know more about it continue reading the blog. You may also download the Previous Year’s Question papers that are available in EduClears Archive.

Avoid Last-minute Rush

It might be really tense on the final day before the JEE Main. Additionally, placing strain on your thoughts at the last minute will not help and will undermine your confidence. 

Accept that your time is up and be grateful for your efforts; don’t guilt yourself over the amount of time you lost. Try to maintain mental calmness.

Think Positively

You have studied hard and put in all of your effort for the exam, you must avoid thinking negatively. Stop second-guessing your abilities to handle a challenging problem and stop stressing out about remembering all the principles you have learned while writing the paper. Have faith in yourself! Show a positive attitude every day.

Additionally, regular breaks are essential for improving learning and exam performance. A brief pause every couple of hours may be pretty beneficial and prevent mental tiredness.

Secrets only EduClears tells you about how to handle stress and anxiety before JEE Main

EduClears Mock Test

EduClears Mock test feature using which you will properly understand the paper’s format. The EduClears mock test is a simulation of the actual examination. The system offers you questions that are categorized into easy, medium, and difficult levels. Practice questions according to your preparation status.  Your exam anxiety will lessen with each practice test as you gain the necessary exam temperament. Practicing regularly is the only key to success.

Learning and Forgetting

You learn from various mediums like schools, coaching, or even online platforms. Are you able to understand or retain everything that you learn? Most of the students will say, no. Why? Because learning and forgetting are common phenomena.

EduClears has the best solution to overcome this problem of learning and forgetting, What is it? It is Iteration Technology, that is present in EduClears preparation boosting system. Iteration technology continuously monitors your knowledge and identifies the areas from your curriculum that are less understood or you have forgotten completely.

Assistant Commissioner of  Kendriya Vidyalaya, Principal of Ramkrishna Mission and many more reputed schools have appreciated and recommended the unique way of learning present in the EduClears preparation boosting system.

EduClears Preparation Status Reports

While using our system students go through various types of tests i.e. short tests or mock tests etc. EduClears provides an info-graphic report which helps students to understand how are they performing on a particular topic,  chapter, or subject. Seeing this report will give students an additional mental boost and confidence as the reports are updated on real time and they will definitely be able to secure high ranks.


The JEE is indeed difficult, but plan well, remain focused, and most importantly, maintain your composure. Keep in mind that tension results from a lack of information confidence. You’ll learn more effectively and do better on the test if you have a calm mind and get enough sleep.

If you have any other queries about how to handle stress and anxiety about JEE Main,you can ask us at 9831509000. Our executive will be happy to attend to you.

Aim JEE MAIN! Good Luck and Good Wishes for JEE MAIN.


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What is the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced?

Although JEE Main and JEE Advanced are interconnected to one another, it is impossible to overlook their distinctions. It is crucial that learners understand the difference between JEE Main And JEE Advanced. The NTA is in charge of JEE Main, while the IITs alternately administer JEE Advanced. Students must pass the JEE Main and have to rank within 2,50,000 (Statistics for 2022) in order to be eligible to take the JEE Advanced exam. We have detailed information regarding the distinctions between JEE Main and JEE Advanced here.

Difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced:

Between JEE Main and JEE Advanced, there are a number of differences. Below are some of the fundamental differences:


JEE Main is conducted to provide admission into BE or B.Tech programmes at different NITs and other Government and Private institutions around the nation. For admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology(IIT’S), JEE Advanced is required.


There is no minimum required percentage to attempt the JEE Main exam. However, for JEE Advanced exam applicants must get at least 75% (65% for SC/ST students) in the Class 12 Board exam and  must rank in the first 2,50,000 in JEE Main (2022) in order to be considered for admission to the NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. This exam is only open to applicants who completed their 12th grade examinations in 2020, 2021, or 2022.

attempts criteria:

There is no maximum number of attempts for the JEE Mains exam, however for JEE Advanced applicants can appear twice for 2 consecutive years.

Mode of Examination:

Paper 1 and Paper 2 are the two papers that make up the JEE Main Paper. Paper 1 (B.Tech/BE) is administered online only (computer-based modality). Only the offline mode of Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Planning) is available (pen and paper based examination).

There are two papers in the JEE Advanced Exam: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Only the online (computer-based examination) method is used for the JEE Advanced exam. Students who want admission into engineering courses must pass both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Students need to pass Papers 1 and 2 in order to apply for the Architecture Aptitude Test, which is required for admission into the IITs’ B.Arch programme (AAT).  After passing the JEE Advanced Exam, students can apply for the AAT exam.

paper type:

 Multiple-choice questions in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics covered in the JEE Main Question Paper (Paper 1). JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 on the other hand, have objective-type questions from the same subjects.


The two exams’ respective syllabuses are also different. Class 11 and 12 Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are included in the JEE Main curriculum. A few more topics are to be covered in the exam for JEE Advanced.

The JEE Advanced syllabus is more elaborate than the JEE Main syllabus. It includes topics that are not part of the JEE Main exam syllabus. For example, topics like “Electrochemistry,” “Thermal Physics,” and “Nuclear Chemistry” are not part of the Mains syllabus, but these topics are present in the Advanced level exam.

That means you must clearly understand the difference between the syllabus for both exams. In the tables below, you can find the entire syllabus difference points for both exams broken down into 3 parts- 

  • Part 1: JEE Main Topics that are not part of the JEE Advanced Exam Syllabus
  • Part 2: JEE Advanced topics that are not part of the JEE Main Exam Syllabus
  • Part 3: Topics that are common in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exam Syllabus

Part 1: JEE Main Topics That Are Not a Part of JEE Advanced Exam Syllabus:

Communication Systems:
Propagation of EM Waves
Amplitude Modulation & Frequency Modulation
Signal Bandwidth & Transmission Medium
Basic Elements of Communication Systems (Block Diagrams)
Chemistry in Everyday Life:
Cleansing Action of Soaps & Detergents
Analgesics, Tranquilisers, Antibiotics, Antiseptics, Antihistamines, Antifertility Drugs, Antimicrobials, & Disinfectants
Chemicals in Food (Artificial Sweeteners & Preservatives)
Statistics & Probability:
Mean and Median
Measures of Dispersion
Calculation of Mode for Grouped/Ungrouped Data
Calculation of Variance, Mean, & Standard Deviation for Grouped/Ungrouped Data
Electronic Devices:
Semiconductors & Semiconductor Diodes
Forward & Reverse Bias
I-v Characteristics of Photo-diode
Solar Cells
Zener Diode as a Voltage Regulator
Junction Transistors & Their Characteristics
Transistor Action
Transistors as Amplifiers (Common Emitter Configuration)
Transistors as Switches
Definition & Classification of Biomolecules
Nucleic Acids & Their Chemical Composition
Functions of DNA & RNA
Functions of Biomolecules
Sets, Relations, & Functions:
Sets and their Representation
Unions, Intersections, & Complements
Power Sets
Types of Relations & Equivalent Relations
Algebraic Properties of Sets
The Compositions of Functions
Electronic Waves:
Definition & Characteristics of Electronic Waves
Transverse Nature of Electronic Waves
Applications of EM Waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Mathematical Reasoning:
Statements & Logical Operations
Heights and Distances

Part 2: JEE Advanced That Are Not a Part of JEE Main Exam Syllabus:

Thermal Physics:
Stefan’s Law
Black-Body Radiation
Absorptive & Emissive Power
Wien’s Displacement Law
Nuclear Chemistry:
Carbon Dating
Proton to Neutron Ratio & Stability of Nuclei
Fission & Fusion Reactions
Kinetics of Radioactive Decay
Properties of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays
Equivalent Conductivity
Electrochemical Series


Based on their JEE Advanced all-India rank, students are admitted to IITs and ISM Dhanbad. These applicants rank in the top 20 percent of hired individuals across all relevant categories on their boards.

If you have any other queries about the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced, you can ask us at

We sincerely hope that you find this blog post on JEE Main and JEE Advanced is crucial and useful. EduClears is always there to provide you with the Ultimate Booster dose for your JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams with EduClears unique Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Wishing you good luck for JEE exams,

EduClears Ai

for JEE Main and JEE Advanced !

Call us : 9831509000

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How to Rank High in JEE Examination?

Students think how to rank high in JEE Examination? Qualifying in JEE-Main is important but ranking high in JEE Advanced is more important to get a seat in IIT colleges.

Here are a few suggestions that AIR 2,500 students followed

One common among the successful students is SELF- STUDY. They understood that there was no substitute for self-study. Though self-study is not a fun-filled activity, it is a rather boring laborious activity. Still, the high-ranking students were focused to have long hours of self-study every day religiously and routinely.

Many students ask two questions regarding self-study;

–    What exactly does self-study mean?

–   How much self-study do I require to qualify for high ranks?

Self-Study to rank high in JEE Examination

Many students think self-study means reading the textbook and class notes, some think revision of the syllabus is self-study, some think practicing mock test questions and others think the crash course is self-study.

Self-Study could be a combination of above all for many students but you may not need to do all of them to rank high in JEE Examination.

As every student is different, there is no fixed formula for self-study. Some students learn fast and can retain for a longer period of time; some learn fast and forget fast too; on the other hand, some students take time to learn but can keep in memory for a longer time and the student group suffers most who take time to learn but they are quick to forget. Therefore, there is no fixed guideline on what to study for how long.

As we know that self-study itself is an unexciting tiresome activity and no student enjoys self-study, students look for relief, they wonder ‘how minimum do I need to have self-study!’ But it is the key to rank high in JEE examinations.

How much minimum self-study is enough to qualify for high ranks?

 It is a fact that no teacher, not even the student knows how much self-study a student needs to cover his learning needs to get high ranks.

Since not all the students of a coaching institute get the AIR ranking, no coaching institute has any secret formula or proprietary question banks to get high ranks. It is each student’s individual efforts that make the difference.

It is not easy to figure out “how much is sufficient” for a student because every student is unique.

The successful coaching institutes follow ‘Remedial Preparation’ which is the most efficient preparation method to rank high in JEE examinations.

As there is no substitute for self-study, remedial preparation makes self-study less painstaking, and less tedious. This method helps the student to know exactly what to study and how much to study. Instead of across-the-board revision, knowing what to study is a great help for the student.

Remedial Preparation is a simple ‘Test before Study’ method.

The rationale for having tests is to identify what are the doubts which need to be cleared. That is the reason having tests is most critical for preparation because without having tests students revise blindly both known and unknown areas of the chapter. Revising a known lesson is a simple waste of time and will not let you rank high in JEE examination.

Therefore, students need to focus on the “Test before Study” method as a regimen of self-study to prepare for the JEE Main as well as Advanced.

Educlears Ai prep system is considered as one of the best in the preparation fields because it prepares each student individually with its remedial prep method to rank high in JEE examination.

The progress reporting tools of Educlears Ai keep the student aware of the progress in real-time so that students can adjust to the speed of preparation.

You may visit the website or contact 98313 02701 / 98315 09000 to know more about the prep system and its remedial preparation tools.

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