How to start preparing for NEET online is a common question among medical students these days. But first, let’s see what the NEET exam is. For admission to MBBS and BDS programs at various medical institutions in India, the National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the extremely competitive NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

To achieve a high score on the exam, students prepare for NEET for roughly two years. Two methods exist for NEET preparation. Both online and offline or a combination of both. It was more typical for students to have early offline preparation. But the environment has completely transformed as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. The stress on online platforms has significantly increased in the post-COVID age. Online preparation for NEET has a lot of benefits. Students started preferring the convenience of the online platform. In this blog, we will discuss how to start preparing for NEET online. However, before getting to that section, let’s look at the benefits of doing your NEET prep online.


PERSONAL ATTENTION: The offline style of coaching lessons attracts individuals with varying levels of learning capacity. In offline classes, it can be challenging to pay close attention to each student’s demands. Teachers find it challenging to comprehend everyone’s needs among a large number of students. Students can receive personalized attention based on their needs while preparing for NEET online. Because of their flexible construction, online systems can adapt to the needs of their users. One of these online resources for preparing for NEET is Educlears, which offers guidance according to the requirements of every student.

24/7 ACCESSIBILITY:  One of the most important benefits of preparing for NEET online is that it is always accessible. Students must designate a certain time for the tuition for offline preparation. The burden of adjusting times for several classes can sometimes be too much for them. However, students can begin their preparation at any time on online platforms. Since it is more applicable to all students, it is better.

IMMEDIATE CLARIFICATION OF DOUBTSWhile learning, students have many uncertainties, and it is crucial to quickly put such worries to rest. For offline preparation, students must wait until the second class to ask questions they may have after returning home. However, students can immediately clear their doubts about a particular topic when studying for the NEET online, so they don’t have to wait. When preparing for NEET online, one of the platforms is Educlears, which uses Artificial Intelligence to rapidly answer questions and find out the relevant portion from a huge pool of existing data and clear doubts.

INSTANT REPORT BASED ON STUDENT’s PERFORMANCE: When we work hard at something, we want to see the fruits of our labour. Exam preparation takes a lot of effort. Students could be confused about their goals after exerting such effort. Online tools can provide a quick report on a student’s progress or level of preparedness. When preparing for NEET online, Educlears is one of the greatest tools because it can analyze each student individually and give them various analytical reports based on how well they performed and can guide them in a systematic manner in the future.

ACCESS TO A LARGE VOLUME OF STUDY MATERIAL: Access to a substantial amount of study materials is another significant benefit of preparing for the NEET online. Online platforms offer updated content created by top professionals. An online platform focuses more on short and to-the-point information. The tutorials on Educlears are all vital and have been written by teachers who know how to be brief, to the point, and precise. You can visit their website for tutorials.

STUDENTS CAN TAKE TESTS ANYTIME: Students can take tests anytime they wish, which is another significant benefit of preparing for NEET online. Taking as many tests as you can is an essential part of NEET exam preparation. Students can recognize their strengths and weaknesses by taking tests. Students who are preparing for the NEET online will be able to assess their progress at any time by taking exams. Students had to wait for the results in offline mode, but instant performance data is provided via online preparation tools.

Students can test their knowledge using the online preparation tool Educlears when preparing for NEET online. Educlears have different types of tests in their system. There is a short test for regular diagnosis to see how well-prepared a student is for a topic after primary learning from school, coaching, and private teacher. For a subject or topic or multiple topics, there are mock tests, and there is also a concept-based test on Laws, Principles, and Equations to see how well-prepared a student is for a concept.

These assessments allow students to regularly evaluate their performance. Their questioning style is flexible. The entire question has been broken down into easy, medium, and challenging levels in order to make the evaluation more scientific. Moreover, in certain portions of the system, the questions are adaptive and are based on the preparation status of the student. Visit their website to learn more.

Tips to start preparing for NEET online

Know the exam pattern: Before you start preparing for NEET online, it is important to know the NEET exam pattern, including the number of questions, the time duration, and the marking scheme.

Create a study plan: when you start preparing for NEET online, know the exam pattern, and create a study plan that covers all the topics in the NEET syllabus. Depending on your skills and weaknesses, allow enough time for each topic.

Use online study material: After Primary Learning from a teacher, coaching or school use online study materials available for NEET preparation, including video lectures, e-books, practice papers, and mock tests. Utilize these tools to improve your preparations.

Practice mock tests: Regularly take online mock tests to evaluate your preparation and identify your weak areas. Analyze your performance in mock tests and work on improving your speed and accuracy. You can choose Educlears for their adaptive mock tests

Solve previous year’s question papers: Solve previous year’s question papers and sample papers to get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam.

Revision: Revision is crucial for NEET preparation. Review all the topics you have covered and revise important concepts regularly.

Stay motivated: Stay motivated throughout your NEET preparation journey. Keep an optimistic outlook and have confidence in yourself.

Join online coaching system: While preparing for NEET online if you feel you need more guidance after learning from school, Coaching, and private teachers, you can join an online interactive system, especially like Educlears which guides the student with its Artificial Intelligence technology for NEET. This system diagnoses, analyzes, and does targeted teaching through a unique process of Doubt clearing as and when required. The structured learning and analyzed report help students to prepare better.

Take breaks: While online learning is convenient, it is important to take breaks and avoid burnout. Take short breaks between study sessions and engage in physical activities to keep yourself refreshed and energized.

Stay organized: Keep all your study materials and notes organized to avoid confusion and wastage of time. Use digital tools to keep your study materials handy and easily accessible.

Stay updated: when preparing for NEET online keep up with the most recent NEET-related news and happenings… Follow official websites and social media pages to get the latest updates on the exam.

Seek help: If you face any difficulties in your preparation, do not hesitate to seek help from your teachers, mentors, or peers. You can also join online forums and discussion groups to interact with other NEET aspirants and get help.

Remember that success in NEET requires consistent effort, dedication, and discipline. With the right strategy and hard work, you can achieve your goal and secure admission to your dream medical college. Best wishes to all the NEET aspirants. Hope this blog has helped many students who are preparing for NEET online. Online preparation platform like Educlears is there to guide you and prepare you in a holistic way so that your chances of ranking high in NEET are increased.


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