Kota coaching for NEET and JEE in Kolkata.

Kota coaching for NEET and JEE in Kolkata. When parents consider NEET and JEE preparations, the name Kota would come up regularly. Kota is a small town in Rajasthan; it is also known as the coaching capital of India and Lakhs of students from all over India comes year every year for specialised Kota coaching for NEET and JEE. Kota students rank almost three times higher than any other coaching class in India.

There are a few dozen residential coaching institutes of different dimensions and they focus on preparing their students with a unique way of preparation.

What’s that unique way?

It is called the Remedial Kota coaching for NEET and JEE.

Remedial Kota coaching for NEET and JEE

Remedial Coaching preparation is evaluation-based additional learning to make up the difference after initial classroom learning.

1st step of Kota Coaching : It starts with the classroom coaching teaching (similar to any other coaching class). However, the next three steps are different than any other coaching classes.

2nd step of Kota coaching: Students are given DPP (Daily Practice Paper) after the class. DPP is made on the Chapter taught in the class on that specific day.

3rd. Step: Students have to clear their doubts while solving the DPP (Daily Practice Paper)

4th Step: Class teachers will help to clear the doubts of the difficult/unsolved problems which the student faces problem.

Students come to know about their weaknesses, and their doubts while trying to solve the questions and try to solve them on their own by studying the textbooks, class notes, and group study (because Kota students live in groups as paying Guests or in the coaching boarding house). Teachers also clear their doubts about the remaining difficult unsolved questions. This process of finding the doubts daily and clearing the doubts of each chapter instantly helps the students prepare faster and better. That is the reason their final exam results show three times higher ranks.

Even though Kota delivers better results, still many parents are not very keen to send their kids to Kota because Kota has other problems besides the higher expense of coaching and boarding; Kota is a desert city situated in a remote corner of India. Students become homesick living far away from home. On top of that the scorching heat and eating vegetarian food three times a day are not agreeable to many students. Parents are also not at peace leaving teenage children far away particularly when they become ill. Moreover, the competition and pressure becomes immense and many of them are not able to cope with the stiff challenges.

Parents are always in search of getting a viable alternative to Kota coaching for NEET and JEE remotely without sending their children far away from home.

Finally, a Kota coaching for NEET and JEE is available in Kolkata ; students can get Kota-level success not going to Kota. It is available in any place all over India and it is compatible with any local coaching classes.

It is the EduClears Ai Preparation system, an online Kota coaching for NEET and JEE

EduClears Ai Company claims that their preparation platform has everything even the remedial way of preparation that students need to score high ranks like Kota students. Many claims that the system is even better than Kota model of coaching as the system not only has Remedial Preparation but has Artificial Intelligence technology attached to it .

It is getting the best of two worlds…. Getting Kota Coaching for NEET and JEE success but not leaving hometown.

Parents are calling 98315 09000 / 98313 92701 to know more about it. www.EduClears.com also gives more information.

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