Preparation for NEET and JEE is not just studying the syllabus

Studying only for NEET and JEE is not preparation

Many students think that covering the syllabus will be good enough for the Board Exam as well as NEET and JEE admission tests. This belief is far from reality and many students become disappointed.

Getting high marks in the Board exams would help get admission in pure science streams where the opportunities and seats are not limited like Medical and Engineering seats.

Since the Medical and IIT seats are very few, the exams are designed to make it extremely hard to filter out the best students from the 18 lakh students. Therefore, every fraction of the correct score is important in NEET and JEE admission ranking, very few margins of error would be acceptable.  Many serious students do not even know how hard the Medical and Engineering admission tests are. Staggering numbers (96 out of 100) of candidates do not get high ranks.

When the competition gets tough, only the smarter one survives.

An ideal online app like EduClears Ai for NEET and JEE preparations focuses on every detail of the CBSE curriculum, every chapter, every principle, law, and equation. The goal is to minimize the margin of errors beforehand to be able to answer 98% of the questions in the final exam.

However, covering the vast NEET and JEE syllabus is virtually impractical. When students start to revise the syllabus to prepare, they become overwhelmed with the workload of 38 different Chapters and hundreds of Topics and laws, principles, equations, theorems, and chemical structures. At this point, students go for important questions and skip many areas that they needed to revise and reinforce.  The outcome of selective preparation is not good and over 96% of students do not qualify; their dreams get shattered and they settle for less in their careers.

There are two viable ways students can prepare to cover the vast syllabus and know most of the answers before the final exams.

  1. Remedial way of doubt clearing : EduClears Ai system finds out the unknown areas of the student after learning from school and Coaching and gives the exact amount of tutorial needed to revise. This is called Remedial way of Doubt clearing. This way, instead vast syllabus becomes much more manageable to revise.
  2. Systematically knowing the answers of 20,000 MCQ. It was seen that students who have been exposed to more difficult questions with complex concepts does better. The critical number is practicing 20,000 MCQ’s out of a question bank of 78000 MCQ’s from EduClears Ai system.

You can contact 98315 09000 / 98313 02701 to know more about remedial learning and how to prepare 20,000 MCQ.

Many students plan to get ready for the Board exam then NEET and JEE.

At EduClears we believe that studying and preparation are two completely different things. You might ask, why? The reason is simple, studying is the part where you are made to understand the syllabus and you are taught all the lessons but preparation is when you have completed a lump sum part of the syllabus and your complete focus is on the entrance exam. To rank high in NEET and JEE you need to have 100% preparation.

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