Which is tougher NEET or JEE? This is a frequently asked question among students. Let’s first review these two tests before moving on to that section. When we talk about India’s most difficult entrance examinations, two names come to mind: One is NEET, and the other is JEE. One is for the medical profession, and the other is for engineering.

These exams have many similarities and distinctions while being the toughest in India. It won’t be simple for anyone to compare the two exams based on their level of difficulty. Both tests are challenging, but they differ in the manner in which they are challenging. The difficulty level can still be compared with a few other factors, though. In this blog, we will try to find an answer to the question of which is tougher NEET or JEE?

Before searching for the answer which is tougher NEET or JEE? , let’s have a brief look into the NEET and JEE examination. The exam used in India to evaluate eligibility for admission to medical colleges is officially known as the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test or NEET; its administration is the responsibility of the National Testing Agency (NTA).

JEE, or Joint Entrance Exam, is a test used to admit qualified applicants to various engineering graduate programmes including the Bachelor in Engineering (B.E.) and Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech.). It functions as a common entrance exam for the IIT, NIT, and GFTI admissions procedures. To enter JEE Advance, a student must pass the JEE Mains exam.



Competitiveness is the first parameter by which we can assess difficulty or we can decide which is tougher NEET or JEE. NEET is harder than JEE Mains in terms of competitiveness. The reason is limited seats. Compared to engineering colleges, there are fewer seats available in medical institutions. Although we cannot state that jee mains are simple, NEET is more competitive.


A time limit is another crucial element. The NEET exams have too many questions to be answered. And the amount of time is less compared to the number of questions. In the NEET examination, 180 questions must be solved in 180 minutes; question reading time is also included in that. Whereas JEE Mains has 180 minutes and 75 questions to be done. JEE Mains aspirants are getting more time to read and answer the questions compared to NEET aspirants. Considering the time factor, NEET is more difficult.


Another critical element to decide which is tougher NEET or JEE? is the level of difficulty of the question. JEE Advanced will be the more challenging exam as compared to the other two. Although NEET is challenging in terms of competition and time allotted for the exam, the questions in JEE advanced are thought to be more challenging than those in NEET and JEE mains. JEE exams have a strong emphasis on arithmetic, whereas NEET does not take math marks into account.


The number of attempts becomes important when it comes to comparison there are no limitations on how many times you can take the Exam. But in JEE Mains, candidates can appear for three consecutive years from the date of passing the 12th exam. For JEE mains, candidates can attempt most two times in two consecutive years.

These all-Indian common entrance exams for engineering and medicine are used to select students for enrollment in the nation’s many engineering and medical schools. The syllabus for both tests is very different because JEE Mains and Advanced are for engineering while NEET is for medicine. While JEE applicants must assess and comprehend more, NEET students must memorize a lot more.

Both of these tests are generally difficult. Given the stark differences between engineering and medicine, it is difficult to compare the degree of difficulty of these two assessments. Students occasionally compare these two admission exams to see which is tougher NEET or JEE.

One should keep in mind that if someone sincerely wants to pursue their ideal career, the difficulty of an admission examination shouldn’t be a hindrance.

Therefore from the preceding discussion, we can claim that both examinations are challenging in their own way. NEET is challenging from a competition standpoint. But JEE is harder if we look at how challenging the questions are.

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