Smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE | How much time does it take to prepare for NEET and JEE?

We all know that NEET and JEE preparation is challenging, and we also know that you are not less than anyone else and you can do it. Students often ask how much time does it take to prepare? Here is the Smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE.

Cracking NEET, JEE Mains and Advanced does not happen in a matter of days or months; it takes consistent effort over the course of two years. If a student is focused and diligent in their studies, revising concepts on a daily basis, and answering questions on each topic, they will almost certainly succeed on the first try.

Each and every student is different and understands differently so there are no hard and fast rules regarding study hours; some students need to study for 2 hours, while others study for 4 hours. No one could tell how much time would it take to prepare for NEET and JEE. The most important thing a student should remember is to immerse themselves completely in their studies.

Another deciding factor would be the board exams, as students will equally have to prepare for their boards which would consume quite some time from their daily routine. The boards would take place just 2-3 months before the NEET and JEE exams. That is Smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE is required.

As there will be a lot to study and practice the best way is to find a smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE which would definitely help you save time and the whole process of preparing for NEET and
JEE would be a lot easier.

What is the smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE?

The smart way of preparation for NEET and JEE is of course EduClears Artificial Intelligence aided doubt clearing system.

The solution is to find and fix; first, you must identify specific learning gaps using a test. EduClears Doubt Clearing System does exactly the same.

Second, you must immediately complete the gaps by studying those specific parts. Finally, you must retake the test to determine whether the gaps have been adequately filled. EduClears can assist you in identifying gaps and providing you with self-study materials to fill those gaps which is an integral part of smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE.

One of the most important issues of preparing is learning and forgetting, it is a common occurrence. You can learn through a range of sources, including schools, coaching, and even online platforms. Are you able to grasp or remember everything you learn? Most of the students will say, no. What is the best solution to the problem of learning and forgetting that EduClears has? The Iteration Technology of EduClears is a very smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE which continuously monitors a student like a guide and guides them to the appropriate path which is specific to a particular student.

It identifies areas of your curriculum that are either poorly understood or completely forgotten and suggests to students from time to time what should be their priorities of study.

EduClears also provides periodic reports and representations on various parameters which helps them understand the status of their NEET and JEE preparation. All the activities in the EduClears system are taken into account while preparing this report. While using the EduClears system students go through various types of tests i.e. short tests or mock tests etc. results of which are also included in the infographic report.

The report is represented in such a way that it would even help you focus more on your doubts and helps students to understand how are they performing on a particular topic, chapter, or subject, and the time they spend on each subject.

Seeing this report will give students an additional mental boost, confidence, and clarity of their preparation as the reports are updated in real-time and they will definitely be able to secure high ranks.

Now if you like the EduClears smart way of preparing for NEET and JEE, give us a call at +91-98315-09000, or visit us at to know more.

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