Is NCERT Enough For JEE Main Preparation?

JEE aspirants often wonder is NCERT enough to rank high in NEET, JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

There is no specific answer to this question.

While preparing for JEE mains, students often wonder if NCERT is enough for the preparations. While these books are excellent for laying down the foundation and helping you master the basics, they might not be enough to crack such a competitive, high-intensity examination.

When studying for one of the most challenging exams in the country, it is essential for the student to have a firm grasp of the topics included in the syllabus. The syllabus for JEE Mains is extensive, and it is essential to cover the whole syllabus. You must select the NCERT since only this book can help you lay the necessary foundation. You will comprehend the reasoning behind the subjects included in your curriculum. Whatever topic you are studying, you must first complete the NCERT.

Is NCERT enough? EduClears Continuous Boosting for NEET & JEE with NCERT is the only solution

NCERT is undoubtedly one of the finest and the first step towards NEET and JEE preparation, but with increased competition, aspirants need an extra edge, and EduClears constant boosting system mixed with Artificial Intelligence provides that edge for NEET and JEE aspirants.

Every coaching lesson teaches a new chapter and a new topic, are you able to grasp all that is taught to you?

Every learner is unique, understands things differently, and has his or her own capability. On the other hand, it is hard for the teachers to individually understand the doubts leave alone to answer those doubts among a batch of 40 students.

In this way, doubts of a student has keeps stacking up day after day and are forgotten as they study new things every day, and as a result, students inadvertently develop gaps and lacunas in their learning which increases at a fast pace when learning advances.

Remedial learning is the sole hidden strategy and the solution to this problem that can take you to your goal and you can achieve a high rank. 

Many students ask is NCERT enough? EduClears Remedial Learning is the smartest way. What is Remedial Learning? 

Students and aspirants learn from many sources and unknowingly develop gaps; in EduClears Remedial Method of learning, where gaps are first identified with the use of an exam. Following the exam, your report is reviewed in such a way that your learning gaps are highlighted.

Now that you’ve identified your specific learning gaps, study and learn those sections and retake the exam to evaluate how far you’ve progressed. Here, the interesting part is that when the student is retesting himself the Artificial Intelligence system gives a different set of question to analyze the actual advancement of the student’s performance.

Repeat this process until you appear for NEET or JEE entrance exam.

Educlears continuous preparation boosting system, with the help of our Artificial Intelligence technology and Remedial Learning, the software finds the gap between students individually and specifically; the software even finds out the exact part of the topic where the student has forgotten or has learning gaps through its own proprietary technology. After finding out the knowledge deficiencies, Educlears immediately teach you that specific part from its vast tutorial database for completing your preparation. In this way the learning is targeted and specific.

Adding EduClears with your NCERT is the best possible way to prepare and getting a high rank for NEET and JEE.

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Good Luck, with NEET and JEE.


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