How to Handle Stress and Anxiety before JEE Main?

One of the toughest engineering entrance tests is the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). It’s taken by some of the nation’s greatest young minds, and ranking high in it is no simple task, though it’s not impossible.

Since students are working so hard to prepare for the JEE Main exams, it is only normal that they would experience pressure, which may lead to anxiety and stress.

Things everyone will tell you about how to handle stress and anxiety before JEE Main

Time Management

When you have restless nights worrying about whether or not you will be able to finish the exam paper on time, the tension is at its highest. But stop worrying now! You may improve your time management abilities by using some practical methods. Start with reading the question paper, while reading the question paper mark the questions that are easy for you to attempt. Try to attempt and revise the easy ones first and then attempt the questions that you feel are hard for you.

Attempt Mock Tests

You will get a better understanding of the actual JEE Main question paper the more mock examinations you attempt. Not only will you gain self-assurance, but you’ll also gain awareness of your weaknesses and be able to address them.

We would suggest you attempt the EduClears Mock Test before JEE Main to know more about it continue reading the blog. You may also download the Previous Year’s Question papers that are available in EduClears Archive.

Avoid Last-minute Rush

It might be really tense on the final day before the JEE Main. Additionally, placing strain on your thoughts at the last minute will not help and will undermine your confidence. 

Accept that your time is up and be grateful for your efforts; don’t guilt yourself over the amount of time you lost. Try to maintain mental calmness.

Think Positively

You have studied hard and put in all of your effort for the exam, you must avoid thinking negatively. Stop second-guessing your abilities to handle a challenging problem and stop stressing out about remembering all the principles you have learned while writing the paper. Have faith in yourself! Show a positive attitude every day.

Additionally, regular breaks are essential for improving learning and exam performance. A brief pause every couple of hours may be pretty beneficial and prevent mental tiredness.

Secrets only EduClears tells you about how to handle stress and anxiety before JEE Main

EduClears Mock Test

EduClears Mock test feature using which you will properly understand the paper’s format. The EduClears mock test is a simulation of the actual examination. The system offers you questions that are categorized into easy, medium, and difficult levels. Practice questions according to your preparation status.  Your exam anxiety will lessen with each practice test as you gain the necessary exam temperament. Practicing regularly is the only key to success.

Learning and Forgetting

You learn from various mediums like schools, coaching, or even online platforms. Are you able to understand or retain everything that you learn? Most of the students will say, no. Why? Because learning and forgetting are common phenomena.

EduClears has the best solution to overcome this problem of learning and forgetting, What is it? It is Iteration Technology, that is present in EduClears preparation boosting system. Iteration technology continuously monitors your knowledge and identifies the areas from your curriculum that are less understood or you have forgotten completely.

Assistant Commissioner of  Kendriya Vidyalaya, Principal of Ramkrishna Mission and many more reputed schools have appreciated and recommended the unique way of learning present in the EduClears preparation boosting system.

EduClears Preparation Status Reports

While using our system students go through various types of tests i.e. short tests or mock tests etc. EduClears provides an info-graphic report which helps students to understand how are they performing on a particular topic,  chapter, or subject. Seeing this report will give students an additional mental boost and confidence as the reports are updated on real time and they will definitely be able to secure high ranks.


The JEE is indeed difficult, but plan well, remain focused, and most importantly, maintain your composure. Keep in mind that tension results from a lack of information confidence. You’ll learn more effectively and do better on the test if you have a calm mind and get enough sleep.

If you have any other queries about how to handle stress and anxiety about JEE Main,you can ask us at 9831509000. Our executive will be happy to attend to you.

Aim JEE MAIN! Good Luck and Good Wishes for JEE MAIN.


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