Tips for JEE Droppers to Prepare from Home

The secret to success is a “Don’t Give Up” mindset. JEE droppers are really praised for their courage. There were very few aspirants to take on the challenge. Always keep in mind that there is a second chance; instead of giving up. It is never too late to begin studying for the JEE when there are important tips for JEE Droppers to prepare from home.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

Don’t make the same mistakes you made previously. You must study the basics, go over them again, and follow the appropriate strategy if you want to do well in JEE Main and Advanced. Whatever challenges you face while preparing for the JEE, be positive and confident in yourself! This blog will focus on Tips for JEE Droppers from Home and help you conquer the JEE Mains and Advanced. 

Firstly let’s discuss the advantages you have as JEE Dropper

Droppers in this attempt just need to focus on JEE preparation, with no worry regarding board exam preparation.

They will have adequate time to prepare this time because they would not have to dedicate daily hours to school.

As they have already covered the syllabus once it’s a benefit, as they have a solid grasp of the syllabus.

As they have already appeared for the examination, they are completely aware of the examination pattern, and examination hall environment.

Droppers have the scope to be aware of their own weaknesses and strengths, allowing them to manage their time more effectively.

So this time all you need to do is you need to focus completely on your syllabus, practice, and practice followed by mock tests to understand where you lack and remediate them for better understanding.

The most important thing for a dropper is that they give the exam at least one time. So they know the syllabus very well. They don’t need to complete the whole syllabus. They only need to complete some specific chapters or tropics where they face difficulty.

EduClears Tips for JEE Droppers to Prepare from Home

Proper Schedule and Study Hours

Make a schedule, juggling the subjects is not an option for you, and doing this will lead to wastage of your precious time. therefore, it is recommended that the students should prepare a proper schedule at the beginning of the preparation. A good timetable should be created initially, with equal time allotted to each subject.

EduClears Semester Crash Courses (SCC) have a pre-designed schedule that covers all the subjects and in it covers all chapters, topics, and units.

EduClears Mock tests and Revision

Revision is a significant aspect of determining success rates. When it comes to exams, the revision allows students to take their preparation to the next level. It is recommended that students prepare JEE mock examinations and previous year’s question papers.

EduClears Mock test feature using which you will properly understand the paper’s format. The EduClears mock test is a simulation of the actual examination. The system offers you questions that are categorized into easy, medium, and difficult levels. Practice questions according to your preparation status.  Your exam anxiety will lessen with each practice test as you gain the necessary exam temperament and get ll the doubt clearing after the exam so that the deficiency of knowledge is immediately filled up. Practicing regularly is the only key to success.

Clarify your concepts using NCERT or EduClears System

Given that NCERT books constitute the backbone of JEE, it is essential to properly study them in order to establish a solid conceptual and theoretical foundation. Strong comprehension of NCERT texts is required for JEE preparation. Start studying extra reference resources once you’ve finished reading these textbooks.

EduClears system also has a huge number of study materials that you can use for studying. EduClears system also has all the Concepts which are divided in 3 components namely Principles, Laws, and Equations.This will help you in innumerable ways as you will not have to search the Concepts through pages of your text fat books. Secondly, you can evaluate yourself for each individual Concepts by answering the questions related to each Laws, Equations and Principles, see the preparation status and do the instant Doubt Clearing.

Recognize the latest exam format

Though they have appeared for JEE recently NTA keeps changing the syllabus and the exam format, you would find the latest update on the NTA JEE website and also the EduClears JEE page. Since the JEE is given twice a year, it would be wise to prepare for the new test format.

Stay Healthy

The preparation time spans over one year and a lot of topics are required to be brushed up during this time, because of which students find it difficult to dedicate time to recreational activities and sleep. 

Last but not least

Dropouts have a greater chance of doing well in the JEE since they have some familiarity with the actual test paper and have expanded their preparation time so they may study the entire curriculum without worrying about school exams or other forms of preparation. Dropouts will thus have a strong chance of achieving high marks and gaining better rankings in the next IIT JEE examinations if they pay close attention to details, complete the course in a proper manner, and practice and revise for the exam.

If you have any other queries about tips for JEE droppers from home, you can ask us at 9831509000

We sincerely hope that you find this blog post on JEE crucial and useful. EduClears is always there to provide you with the Ultimate Booster dose for your JEE exams with EduClears unique Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Wishing you good luck with your JEE exams,


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