How to crack NEET in100 Days ?

In the middle of such high test pressure, you must first recognize that studying for long hours a day is not a good idea. Full attention with small pauses in between is an efficient approach to learning. Your focus should be on how much you study rather than how long you studied.

Never quit and have a good attitude if you just have a few months to succeed in NEET. Test yourself and see whether you can crack NEET in100 days.

A dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.

-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

In order to crack NEET in100 days, you must have the mental will to put in additional effort. To guarantee that NEET preparation does not lag, a disciplined attitude toward self-study and an active approach to the schedule are required.

A Masterstroke: Most important tip to Crack NEET in100 Days by EduClears

When there are only 100 days of time left for NEET exam, it means that you have majorly completed your syllabus, and you are about to start with your revisions.

The systematic way to enrich your preparation would be to Test – Study – Test.

How to do it?

EduClears have technically scheduled the curriculum of NEET into 49 days each semester. Each day, a test will be conducted on a particular topic. 

As soon as the test is over, EduClears Artificial Intelligence-backed system will immediately produce the result of the exam. The result is categorized so that the exact area where a particular student lacks or they have not understood properly is identified. The doubt-clearing process starts immediately, after the lacuna of a student is found, the system suggests the student topics that they need to study as they lack in it. 

Another interesting feature of the tests in Crash Course is that these tests will be adaptive in nature, meaning that the tests will start with easy and medium-level questions, and then the system will judge the student according to their performance, if the student progresses, the difficulty level of the questions will increase accordingly, putting up more challenges to the student.

This process of filtration and filling up the gaps of the student is repeated until the student achieves the highest rank according to the standards of NTA NEET.

Once a semester is over students can then re-appear for another semester for better results or to secure a high rank in NEET and will help them to crack NEET in100 days.

EduClears system also has a huge number of study materials that you can use for studying. EduClears system also has all the concepts which are divided into 3 components namely Principles, Laws, and Equations. This will help you in innumerable ways as you will not have to search the Concepts through pages of your text fat books. Secondly, you can evaluate yourself for each individual Concept by answering the questions related to each law, Equations, and Principles, seeing the preparation status, and doing the instant Doubt Clearing.

With only a few days remaining until the NEET exam, your first goal should be to review the courses that require the most effort. In order to effectively plan their time for the NEET exam preparations, candidates should. You can cover the entire course by preparing in accordance with the timeline. Give your weak subjects more time.

Other tips to Crack NEET in100 Days

Calculate the Time

Work Smartly

NEET does not imply that you must put in long hours of study time to pass the test. Instead, it calls for clever labor. Your time, focus, and extreme concentration are all needed.

Schedule your time for studying and stick to it. Test your understanding by passing as many exams as you can.

Separate Hours for Different Subjects

Try to make a timetable of your own, this will save you from jumbling, about what to study and when? 

Strategy for Different Subjects

Various tactics should be used for different subjects. Sometimes students excel in one topic while struggling in another. There is a tendency among the students to keep studying their strong areas. In this context, you can use EduClears Iteration Technology which continuously monitors a student and shows students topics that they are weak in and need to study, at the top of the table. In this way, students are always alert about their weak areas and know what they need to study on an immediate basis.

You must put in extra effort and concentrate on your weaker topics. This can help you overcome your concern over your weaker subjects, allowing you to confidently attend your exams.

Choose Proper Study Material

Choose the finest books and materials that cover the whole CBSE NEET syllabus. Students should prepare for the NEET 2023 entrance test by reading the top NEET 2023 books. NCERT books for NEET could be the best possible study material.

Good Health Possesses Good Mind

The most important factor is to stay healthy. As a result, in order to prevent any type of hurdle in NEET preparation, one must focus on his or her health.

We sincerely hope that you find this blog post on NEET crucial and useful. EduClears is always there to provide you with the Ultimate Booster dose to crack NEET in100 days with EduClears unique Artificial Intelligence Technology.

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Wishing you good luck with your NEET exams,


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